CSGO Coinflip Sites List | Best Sites in 2019 + Promo Codes

There are a bunch of CS:GO coinflip sites to choose from. There are good ones, and then there are also bad ones. As a player, it can seem impossible to distinguish between the good and the bad sites. Therefore, we’ve done the extensive work for you. We’ve reviewed tested and verified hundreds of CSGO gambling sites, and have compiled the best of them into lists. In this list, you’ll find the best coin flip websites. You’ll also find promo codes that allow you to get free coins on various CS GO websites.

Best CSGO Coinflip Sites 2019

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CSGO Empire
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4.6/5csgofast new
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4.4/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
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How CS GO Coin Flip works

The CS:GO coin flip game is a popular game that is in fact very simple. It’s just like the real-life version of coin-flip. It’s kind of like roulette as in you either win or you lose.

You start by depositing items into the website. And then you’re ready to bet as many coins/skins/keys as you want. Some sites are different and require you to deposit your items to make them into coins first, whereas other sites just take your skins right when you make the bet.

After making your bet, you’re assigned one side of the coin (typically a symbol). The coin then flips after some seconds. If the coin flips and lands on your symbol then you have won, and will be paid out the whole pot. However, if the coin flips and lands on the symbol that is NOT yours, then you have lost, and will get nothing in return.

It’s really one of those all or nothing type of games that seem to get a lot of hype around them.

coinflip game

an intense coinflip game. source: CSGOBig

Why it has become this popular

There are many reasons why this game has become as popular as it is today. The main reason must be that it was one of the main games that you could play on CSGO Wild, which was one of the most popular CS GO gambling sites at the time. Through CSGO wild it gained a lot of hype, and therefore a lot of other gambling websites also started offering CS:GO coinflip betting games.

Another reason is the adrenaline rush and excitement you get when you play this game. When you get matched with a player you can see his avatar and his actual Steam name. You’ll then see the items that you can win. And when you see that Karambit fade on your screen, for example, you’re starting to think “THAT STUFF’S GOING TO BE MINE”. This is dangerous because this is super addicting, and which is why you need to be careful when gambling online.

A third reason is probably the fact that you can double your whole inventory in a few seconds if you are lucky. That thought crosses the mind of many people, but often you forget to see it the opposite way around: that it’s also possible to lose it all.

This game is also one of those games where you typically get some of the best odds possible compared to other casino games. This, of course, depends on where you play this game mode, as it can be different from site to site.

You see those nice items in front of you. You already feel like you have them. You want them.

Just watch this YouTube video to see the excitement that goes through a player’s mind when there’s a big pot and he’s dependent on the coinflip: