CS:GO Give Weapon Command – Spawn weapons for yourself


In private games in CS:GO you have the option to give yourself weapons by typing commands in the console. Private games are very good for training frags and new weapons and strategies with friends. Therefore, being able to quickly give yourself weapons using the “give weapon command” is handy. Here’s the command:

echo ""
echo "Brainles5 Easier Give Commands 2017"
echo "For help type bm_help"
echo ""
alias "m4a4"     "give weapon_m4a1"
alias "m4"     "give weapon_m4a1"
alias "m4a1"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "m4a1-silenced"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "m4a1-silencer"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "m4a1-s"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "m4s"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "m4-s"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "silenced-m4"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "silenced-m4a1"     "give weapon_m4a1_silencer"
alias "ak47"     "give weapon_ak47"
alias "ak"     "give weapon_ak47"
alias "47"     "give weapon_ak47"
alias "aug"     "give weapon_aug"
alias "awp"     "give weapon_awp"
alias "sniper"     "give weapon_awp"
alias "bizon"     "give weapon_bizon"
alias "c4"     "give weapon_c4"
alias "bomb"     "give weapon_c4"
alias "deagle"     "give weapon_deagle"
alias "decoy"     "give weapon_decoy"
alias "elite"     "give weapon_elite"
alias "dualies"     "give weapon_elite"
alias "dual_barettas"     "give weapon_elite"
alias "famas"     "give weapon_famas"
alias "fiveseven"     "give weapon_fiveseven"
alias "flashbang"     "give weapon_flashbang"
alias "flash"     "give weapon_flashbang"
alias "G3SG1"     "give weapon_G3SG1"
alias "galilar"     "give weapon_galilar"
alias "galil"     "give weapon_galilar"
alias "glock"     "give weapon_glock"
alias "hegrenade"     "give weapon_hegrenade"
alias "he"     "give weapon_hegrenade"
alias "grenade"     "give weapon_hegrenade"
alias "hkp2000"     "give weapon_hkp2000"
alias "p2000"     "give weapon_hkp2000"
alias "usp"     "give weapon_usp_silencer"
alias "usp-s"     "give weapon_usp_silencer"
alias "usp-silenced"     "give weapon_usp_silencer"
alias "usp-silencer"     "give weapon_usp_silencer"
alias "incgrenade"     "give weapon_incgrenade"
alias "firegrenade"     "give weapon_incgrenade"
alias "incendiary"     "give weapon_incgrenade"
alias "knife"     "give weapon_knife"
alias "stabby"     "give weapon_knife"
alias "knife_gg"     "give weapon_knifegg"
alias "knifegg"     "give weapon_knifegg"
alias "m249"     "give weapon_m249"
alias "para"     "give weapon_m249"
alias "m2"     "give weapon_m249"
alias "mac10"     "give weapon_mac10"
alias "mac"     "give weapon_mac10"
alias "uzi"     "give weapon_mac10"
alias "mag7"     "give weapon_mag7"
alias "molotov"     "give weapon_molotov"
alias "bottle"     "give weapon_molotov"
alias "mp7"     "give weapon_mp7"
alias "mp9"     "give weapon_mp9"
alias "negev"     "give weapon_negev"
alias "nova"     "give weapon_nova"
alias "p90"     "give weapon_p90"
alias "p250"     "give weapon_p250"
alias "cz75"     "give weapon_cz75a"
alias "cz-75"     "give weapon_cz75a"
alias "cz-75-auto"     "give weapon_cz75a"
alias "cz"     "give weapon_cz75a"
alias "r8"     "give weapon_revolver"
alias "revolver"     "give weapon_revolver"
alias "yeehaw"     "give weapon_revolver"
alias "sawedoff"     "give weapon_sawedoff"
alias "scar20"     "give weapon_scar20"
alias "scar"     "give weapon_scar20"
alias "sg556"     "give weapon_sg556"
alias "sg553"     "give weapon_sg556"
alias "sg557"     "give weapon_sg556"
alias "sg"     "give weapon_sg556"
alias "smoke"     "give weapon_smokegrenade"
alias "ssg08"     "give weapon_ssg08"
alias "scout"     "give weapon_ssg08"
alias "ssg"     "give weapon_ssg08"
alias "taser"     "give weapon_taser"
alias "zeus"     "give weapon_taser"
alias "tec9"     "give weapon_tec9"
alias "ump45"     "give weapon_ump45"
alias "ump"     "give weapon_ump45"
alias "xm1014"     "give weapon_xm1014"
alias "autoshotgun"     "give weapon_xm1014"
alias "vest"     "give item_kevlar"
alias "kevlar"     "give item_kevlar"
alias "helmet"     "give item_assaultsuit"
alias "fullkevlar"     "give item_assaultsuit"
alias "suit"     "give item_assaultsuit"
alias "money"     "impulse 101"
alias "ammo"     "givecurrentammo"
alias "infinite"     "infiniteon"
alias "infiniteon"     "bind mouse1 "+fireinfinite"; alias infinite infiniteoff"
alias "infiniteoff"     "bind mouse1 "+attack"; alias infinite infiniteon"
alias "+fireinfinite"     "+attack"
alias "-fireinfinite"     "-attack; givecurrentammo"
alias "cheats"     "cheatson"
alias "cheatson"     "sv_cheats 1; alias cheats cheatsoff"
alias "cheatsoff"     "sv_cheats  0; alias cheats cheatson"
alias "impacts"     "impactson"
alias "impactson"     "sv_showimpacts 1; alias impacts impactsoff"
alias "impactsoff"     "sv_showimpacts 0; alias impacts impactson"
alias "bm_help"     "echo ; echo weapons - list all weapons; echo ammo - give current weapon ammo; echo money - gives you full money; echo impacts - show bullet hits on/off; echo cheats - turns sv_cheats on/off; echo infinite - infinite reloads on/off; echo fullkevlar - gives full kevlar; echo kevlar - gives kevlar"
alias "weapons"     "echo ; echo vest; echo helmet; echo kevlar; echo UMP; echo XM1014; echo TEC9; echo ZEUS; echo SSG08; echo SMOKE; echo SG556; echo SCAR20; echo SAWEDOFF; echo P250; echo P90; echo NOVA; echo NEGEV;  echo MP9; echo MP7; echo MOLOTOV; weapons2"
alias "weapons2"     "echo MAG7; echo  MAC10; echo M249; echo KNIFEGG; echo KNIFE; echo INCGRENADE; echo P2000; echo USP; echo HEGRENADE; echo GLOCK; echo  GALILAR; echo G3SG1; echo FLASHBANG; echo FIVESEVEN; echo r8; echo FAMAS; echo ELITE; echo DECOY; echo DEAGLE; echo CZ75; echo C4; echo  BIZON; echo AWP; echo AK47; echo AUG; echo M4A1; echo M4A4"

credit to gamebanana and Brainles5 for the formatting. Much appreciated.

Use CFG file instead

You can also download the config file: from here.

The .CFG file allows you to give yourself weapons by typing the name of the weapon in the console. For it to work, you need to type “cheats” to toggle cheats.

If you for example want a FAMAS, you won’t need to type “give weapon_famas”. You can just type “famas” in the console, and you’ll get it. Here are some more, useful commands:

ammo – reload current weapon with ammo

weapons – lists all weapons

impacts – show bullet hits off/on

fullkevlar – gives you full kevlar equipment

kevlar – gives you kevlar

infinite – turns infinite reloads off/on

cheats – turns sv_cheats off/on

I hope you enjoy these smart commands. GL HF!

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