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Want to use R1-Skins with the best bonuses? Here’s our review of R1-Skins.com, along with the best promotions and promo codes you can use.



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Promo Code hella
Receive $0.9 for free + 2 Free Cases & a first deposit bonus of 10%

R1 Skins Promo Codes and Review for June 2024

Here’s a complete list of the best R1 Skins promo codes you can use:

  • Code hella

    Apply the code to receive $0.9 for free with a first deposit bonus of 10%

  • Code hellar1

    Apply the code to receive $0.9 for free with a first deposit bonus of 10%

  • Code hellagood

    Apply the code to receive $0.9 for free with a first deposit bonus of 10%

How to Use R1 Skins Promo Codes
  1. Open the R1-Skins.com website and sign in via Steam.

    R1-skins website
  2. Once signed in, click on your profile picture and select Top Up Balance.

    Top Up Balance
  3. Select your country, and choose your preferred payment method. Enter the code hella under Affiliate or promo code, then click Apply.

    r1 skins promo code
  4. Click on the Add Funds button once you’re done to finish your deposit and receive the bonuses you gain from using our promo code.

    r1 skins registration completion
🤟 R1-Skins.comSign Up!
👍 Promo code R1-Skinshella
🎁 BonusApply the code to receive $0.9 for free + 2 Free Cases & a first deposit bonus of 10%
🎡 Main FeaturesUpgrade CSGO Skins, Case Opening, Cashback
💹 Trustpilot RatingExcellent – 2.9 (Reviews 4)
💥 UpdatedJune 2024

Promo code R1-Skins

About R1-Skins Website

The R1-Skins website is a relatively new CSGO gambling website for unboxing cases and unlocking CSGO skins. They feature cheap and expensive cases, allowing you to win thousands of different skins.

They also offer unique mechanics through their Upgrade and Cashback systems that allow you to get better skins or earn more money. R1 Skins also has an attractive UI that makes it easy for players to open their desired cases while displaying beautiful skins.

They promote solid welcome bonuses, great promo codes, and an excellent referral program in place. R1 is also one of the few sites that supports numerous countries, with a variety of payment methods, making them very accessible to almost anyone who wants to open cases.

Is R1-Skins Site Legal?

You might be wondering, is R1 Skins legit? Well, yes. It is, in fact, 100% legal and legit. They are a relatively new CSGO case opening site, being established only in 2021, but they’ve already collected more than 68,900 users, with a total of 8.2 million opened cases.

They are owned by WiseAvant OÜ, a company located in Estonia. They also have a sister company called Farmskins, which is a more established and legit CSGO case opening site.

R1 Skins also has a respectable 3.7 rating over on TrustPilot. Unfortunately, they do have a smaller sample size regarding public reviews and ratings, but having 3.7 stars is still solid.

So, don’t be afraid of using R1skins. They also present the exact skins you can get for each case, as well as the exact percentage of getting each drop. The site is as transparent as it can get.

R1-skins home page

Bonuses and Promotions on the R1 Skins Website

Another reason why you should use R1 Skins is their very generous promotions and bonuses. They offer a $0.25 free balance that you can claim by simply submitting your email address and subscribing to their newsletter. This balance can then be used to open cases.

R1-Skins also offers free daily rewards that are composed of three different levels.

  • 🥇 Level 1 – A standard drop that everyone gets every 24 hours.
  • 🥈 Level 2 – Requires a top-up of at least $30.00, which then unlocks five drops.
  • 🥉 Level 3 – Deposit at least $230.00 to earn ten drops.

With each drop, you are given a chance to unlock a random item or case, along with extra balance, extra keys, or additional discounts. Again, all of this is fully redeemable and usable within R1. Don’t forget to use the R1-Skins promo code “hella” when depositing.

Referral Program on the R1-Skins.com

The Partner program is an excellent feature that usually isn’t available on other CSGO case opening sites. Anyone with an account can join the R1 CSGO referral program and earn some extra money.

Here are the steps to join the referral program on R1-Skins.com:

  1. Log into your account and click on the Partner tab.
  2. Enter your preferred code or nickname under Affiliate Code that will be used in your referral link.
  3. Click on the Create Link button, then confirm.

You should now see your new affiliate URL. Copy that and send it to new registrants.

There are three referral levels that you can achieve. Each level will give you bigger bonuses, depending on how much your referrals have collectively deposited.

  • 🥇 Level 1 – up to $5,000 total deposits from your referrals. You receive a 5% referral bonus.
  • 🥈 Level 2 – Up to $25,000 total deposits from your referrals. You receive a 7% referral bonus.
  • 🥉 Level 3 – More than $25,000 total deposits from your referrals. You receive a 10% referral bonus.

Any commissions you earn will be converted into your Affiliate balance account and can be used to purchase skins or converted into a regular account balance. You can also withdraw via crypto, but you’ll need to have a referral Level 2 or higher before you can access it.

R1 skins CRAFT

Main Features of the R1-Skins Website

Like other CSGO case-opening websites, R1-Skins also provides tons of features and games to help keep users engaged. Here are the site’s main features, along with basic explanations of how they work and how to use them.

Upgrade CSGO Skins

First up, we have the Upgrade function, which most CSGO case opening sites have. For people who’ve used CSGO sites before, you should be familiar with Upgrade. Upgrades essentially allow you to transform your bad skins into better ones.

It works by combining up to six items, balances, and keys and using them for a high chance of getting higher-value skins. The percentage is displayed in the middle and will change based on the total value you are offering relative to the skin you want to get.

Case Opening

Of course, R1-Skins main feature are CSGO case openings. They offer a variety of cases to choose from that all contain a variety of items and skins in CSGO. Here are the different case types and the price ranges for each variety.

  • 📦 Classic Cases – $0.39 to $159.99
  • 📦 R1 Rage – $0.99 to $2.99
  • 📦 R1 Elite – $49.99 to $999.99
  • 📦 R1 Paint – $0.89 to $149.99
  • 📦 R1 Craft – $0.25 to $1.50

Each skin or item you can get from these cases can either be transferred to your Steam Inventory, kept in your R1 CSGO inventory, or sold back to the site.


The final feature on R1-Skins is the Cashback feature. They offer up to 10% cashback from each case opening. This basically acts as an insurance on cases in the event that you don’t win back the value you paid for.

R1’s cashback system is in the form of Keys. You can get Keys randomly when opening cases or failing Upgrades. The more expensive cases and Upgrades will all contain more Keys.

Any Cashback Keys you can get can be converted in their Cashback store. Keys can be exchanged for skins or balance. 85 Keys can get you an M4A1-S Flashback (MW) skin, and 100 Keys can earn you back $1.00.


Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds on R1-Skins.com

You can’t open CSGO cases without depositing funds first. Luckily, it’s very easy to deposit funds on R1-skins. All you need to do is to follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture and go to the Top-up Balance tab.
  2. Make sure to select your current country and your preferred payment method.
  3. Select the specific amount you want to deposit, enter the R1 Skins promo code hella, then click Apply.
  4. Once you’re satisfied, click on the Add Funds button and proceed to fill up the required payment details.

Here are all the supported payment methods you can find on R1-Skins:

  • 💰 Debit and Credit Cards
  • 💰 Cryptocurrency via Coinbase
  • 💰 Alipay
  • 💰 Gcash
  • 💰 InstaPay
  • 💰 GrabPay
  • 💰 DragonPay
  • 💰 Neteller
  • 💰 Tether
  • 💰 WeChat Pay
  • 💰 Skrill
  • 💰 Bank Transfer
  • 💰 Samsung Pay

Once you’ve started opening those CSGO cases and gathered a bunch of rare and valuable skins, you’ll need to withdraw them somehow. Unfortunately, you can’t convert your skins to money and withdraw them directly. The only way to withdraw your skins is by sending them over to your Steam account.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to withdraw your skins to your Steam account:

  1. Click on the options in the upper right corner of your screen and select My Profile.
  2. Find the Steam Setting option and paste your Steam Trade URL here. Once you’re done, click on Save.
  3. Scroll down to find your Inventory and select all the skins you want to withdraw to your Steam account.
  4. Once you’ve selected all the skins, click on the Send to Steam button and wait for the items to arrive in your account.

Pros and Cons of Using R1 Skins

Of course, everyone wants to know what they can get out of using R1-skins. So we’ve created a quick summary of the different pros and cons that the site provides to help you out.


  • 👍 R1 Skins has a clean and easy-to-understand UI
  • 👍 Supports numerous payment methods (both local and international)
  • 👍 Supports most countries
  • 👍 Generous promo codes and bonuses for players
  • 👍 Has an easy-to-access referral program


  • 👎 No publicly available provably fair system information
  • 👎 Has a smaller case count than other CSGO case opening sites
  • 👎 Can’t withdraw directly to cash, only skins to your Steam account
  • 👎 They are still quite new to the industry

Cashback on R1 skins

R1-Skins Customer Support

R1-skins has a decent customer support system in place. The chat can easily be accessed through the message icon found on their website. Their live chat is available 24/7, but responses can take a while, depending on the time you chat. However, based on our testing, most responses take around 5-10 mins before you’re connected with a support agent.

If the live chat wasn’t to your satisfaction, you could also submit a ticket regarding your concerns. Make sure to include all information and any screenshots you can to help with your case.

Finally, R1 Skins also has a FAQs section that can help you solve most basic problems and issues you can encounter.


Overall, R1-skin.com is a solid CSGO case opening website that can cater to your needs. Depositing funds is as easy as it can get. They support numerous payment methods both found locally and internationally. They also have generous promotions and bonuses for the R1-skins promo codes you have.

R1 also has some solid extra features like Cashback and Upgrade that can help you earn more skins in the long run. They have a fantastic UI, a live chat support system, and allows you to directly withdraw skins to your Steam inventory.

FAQs for R1 Skins Promo Codes

  • Is the R1 Skins Promo Code Legit?

    Yes. The R1 Skins promo codes hella, hellagood, and hellar1, are all legit and usable on the site. We’ve personally tested each and everyone of them and can confirm that they are working. R1 Skins might be a relatively new site in the world of CSGO case openings, but they offer solid bonuses from their promo codes. They give the same $0.9 free balance bonus with an additional 10% deposit bonus, so don’t forget to use the codes.
  • Are any other bonuses available on R1 Skins?

    Aside from the R1-Skins promo codes we’ve mentioned above, R1 also provides a Cashback bonus where you can get up to 10% back from each case opening. They also feature free Daily Drops that allow you to win random items, cases, additional balance, keys, or discounts. Another bonus available on the site is their free balance offer of $0.25 if you add your email and subscribe to their newsletter. Finally, they also have a partner program where you can create an affiliate URL and use it to earn additional bonuses from deposits of your referrals.
  • How to Redeem the R1-Skins Promo Code

    Redeeming the R1-Skins promo code only requires the following steps:

    • 1

      Sign in to your R1-skins account via Steam.

    • 2

      Click on the additional options find on the upper right portion of the site and select Top-up Balance.

    • 3

      Choose the right country and your preferred payment method.

    • 4

      Select the amount you want to deposit and enter the promo code hella below, then click Apply.

    After this, your promo code should automatically be applied, and you can proceed with your deposit.
  • Can I Withdraw Cash From My Account?

    Unfortunately, R1-Skins doesn’t allow direct cash withdrawals from any skins you get from their site. This is actually a common practice across most CSGO trading sites since only a select few actually provide cash withdrawal options. You can sell any skins you get back to the site in exchange for balance. You can also withdraw the skins to your Steam Inventory by adding your Steam Trade URL.

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Updated on: 16.01.2024

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