CSGOLive $1 Referral Code 2020 + Review

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csgolive CS:GO live is a popular case opening site, that a lot of players like. It’s known for it’s valuable cases that are a lot better than the ones you’ll find provided by Valve in CS:GO. With these cases you actually have the chance of getting more money out than you put in.

They have a lot of fun, cool cases that are tempting to open. This is because the cases only have good loot in them. When you pay $50 for a case you won’t be getting a useless $0.1 skin. You’ll get something a lot better usually We personally liked playing on this case opening site, and here are what we can conclude after playing 10 hours on CS:GO live:

  • Great cases (much better value than in CS:GO)
  • Have fair odds on their games (no rigging)
  • Pay out without problems (instantly)

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