CSGORoll FREE Promo Code in 2020 + Review

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CSGORoll logoCSGORoll is a CS:GO casino site that has been here since 2015. This makes it one of the older casinos. They’ve always been known for being a legitimate casino that people would go to if they were looking for roulette, crash, dice or coinflip action. They consistently have over 1000 users, and the numbers seem to keep growing. They’re overall an exciting casino, where you can gamble without fear of being ripped off. So if you’re looking for a good CS:GO casino experience with smooth games and a great interactive chat system, you may want to give CS:GORoll a go. Right now you can get $0.5 for free at CS:GORoll when creating your account. Simply use the code: 10293923 and you’ll have that money in your account instantly.

free $0.5 bonus code:10293923

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How To Activate The Free Promo Code

CSGO knife lootActivating the CS:GO Roll promo code is very easy. You can either click the big, orange button above which should automatically apply the promo code to your account. If that doesn’t work, or you prefer doing it the natural way, you can simply go to CS:GORoll, create your own account, and then redeem the 10293923 promo code, which will add $0.5 to your account. With this free bonus, you can gamble for free with the chance of winning valuable skins. Doesn’t sound bad does it?


CS:GORoll is known as one of the most skin gambling sites. We’ve played a lot on it ourselves throughout the years, but we’ve decided that we wanted to review it in-depth for you to see its cons and pros. Let’s go!

Smooth games

AT CS:GORoll you can play a bunch of casino classics. You can play crash, dice roulette, dice and coinflip games. All standard games that most casinos have. But what makes CSGORoll special? It all comes down to their simplistic game design with beautiful graphics. The combination of a great UI combined with cool graphics makes for some of the coolest games we’ve ever seen. Also, the social aspect is well constructed. In the chat, you can see the excitement of other users when they win and lose. This can make for some laughs every now and then. You’ll also be able to see who bet against you, and how much they bet. This creates a feeling of competitiveness, which makes it all a lot more interesting to play these games.

free $0.5 bonus code:10293923

A reputable roll

CS:GORoll is known to be one of the most trusted skin gambling sites. What’s cool is that they’ve been around for years, yet they don’t have any bad cases surrounding them. They’ve always been paying out their users accordingly, and have never been known to rig any games. Their roll is simply respected which is one of the many reasons why many people play on this casino every day.

CS:GORoll Homepage

A screenshot of CS:GORoll’s homepage