CSGOTotem is founded by a group of gamers. We play a lot of CSGO, and when the CSGO eSports industry started taking off, then so did the CSGO gambling and betting sites. We jumped on the bandwagon, and regularly betted our in-game skins on our favorite teams. It was an exciting feeling which led to us starting to play gamble on different roulette, blackjack, and coinflip sites. There were hundreds of sites, and we had no idea which sites were the good ones, and which sites were the bad ones. We generally had a lot of fun time gambling, but we also had some bad experiences underway that could’ve been avoided. Sites were owing us skins that would suddenly disappear. We also realized that some of the sites we gambled on gave us a lot worse odds than we thought. Therefore, we quickly realized that there was a huge quality gap between bad gambling sites and good gambling sites. But at that time there was no one reviewing or testing these sites, so therefore we had to spend a lot of time researching and trying just to find a good CSGO gambling site. We then realized that there needed to be an objective review site for CSGO gambling and betting sites. This is when we decided to launch CSGOTotem, which is a site that compiles the best sites on the market for gambling and betting with CSGO skins. Our “best lists” are made by our team. They are based on hundreds of hours of testing and reviewing hundreds of providers. We also show you the newest and most powerful “promo codes”, which allows the user to get free resources for that specific site. Our lists and reviews are regularly updated in an attempt to stay relevant and on top of our game.

Our vision is to be the go-to place when someone needs to find a quality CSGO gambling site, that lives up to their needs.

We know how all these gambling websites out there can be a jungle of impressions, but hopefully, we’ve made it a lot easier for you to navigate in it.

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