CSGO Slots Sites List | Best Sites in 2020 + Promo Codes

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Good old slots. There are a bunch of sites to choose from if you’re looking to play slots. But how do you know which sites are reliable, and which ones are not? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed, tested and verified hundreds of CSGO gambling sites over the last 3 years. Below this, you’ll find our top choices when it comes to playing slots. Also remember to use the promo code when creating your account, as you’ll get free coins to gamble for.

Best CSGO Slots Sites 2020

RatingSiteGamesReferral Code 
CSGO Empire
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.6/5csgofast new
roulette | crash | slots | customdz88wb-csgo
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.4/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)

The Online CSGO Slot Machine

Slots machines have always been popular since the first one was invented in 1895. In the last century, slots machines were primarily to be found in Casino lobbies and at bars and bowling centers. But in the 21st century, slots machines have gone online. Not only can you find slot machines on a bunch of online casinos, but you can also find slots machines on CS GO betting sites these days. It’s still a popular game, and the CS:GO players seem to love CSGO slot machines. And with good reason. It’s a fun game that you can have fun with for a long time. It doesn’t require any strategizing, and it’s super easy to get started with. Simply access the CSGOSlots website, spin the wheels. If you get three of the same items/symbols you win. If you don’t get three of the same symbols/items you lose. It’s a game that quickly gets super addictive, so remember to only play for fun.

CSGO slots

What a real CS:GO slots machine looks like. source: CSGO-Case

Get a head start with a free promo code

You don’t have to deposit a bunch of skins in order to have fun with a CS:GO slot machine. Almost all betting websites allow you to get free coins whenever you register. Simply copy one of the CS GO promo codes in the comparison feed at the top of this page. Copy it into the corresponding betting site, and you’ll be rewarded with coins that you can gamble with for free. In this way, you could get lucky, triple that money and actually end up with a decent skin. That’s all without having to deposit anything! Now remember that’s only if you are lucky. Good luck with CS:GO slots, and remember to gamble with responsibility!