CSGO Minesweeper Sites List | Best Sites in 2019 + Promo Codes

We’ve compiled a list of the top CS:GO minesweeper sites. There are hundreds of CS:GO betting sites out there. Some are good, and some should not be played on. Therefore we’ve done the tedious work for you. We’ve tested hundreds of CS:GO betting sites using our methodology. We test, review and verify that the sites are legitimate. We then compile them into lists like the one below. Note that we’ve also gathered promo codes for you to use.

Best CSGO Minesweeper Sites 2019

RatingSiteGamesReferral Code 
CSGO Empire
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4.6/5csgofast new
roulette | crash | slots | customdz88wb-csgo
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4.4/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
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Good old Minesweeper – Now as CS:GO Minesweeper

CSGO minesweeper

Good old minesweeper. source:CSGoAtse

Chances are you played minesweeper during in your early days on the computer. It’s an old computer game as it has been around since 1989. Even though it’s old, it’s still going strong. On various online casinos, you’ll find it, and it also has some popularity among the CSGO community. CS:GO minesweeper or CSGO mines is what it’s called within the community. It’s an exciting strategy game packed with action. You deposit your skins and bet them. Then your minesweeper game starts. Your goal is then to clear the squares by pressing them, but be careful. Mines are also hiding beneath some of the squares. Your goal is then to clear as many squares as possible without hitting any bombs. The more squares you clear the more you win. That’s pretty much the game in a nutshell. You’ll have to experience CS GO mines for yourself to get the real feel of the game.

It’s an interesting and fun game because it’s not just as easy as rolling a dice. When you play it you have to use your brain. There are actual decisions to be made. When you play the game you feel like you have a much bigger impact on the outcome of the game. You will feel like you are more in control when playing mines when compared to CS:GO dice and CS:GO roulette where the outcome is controlled by a roll.

Play a few games for free

Lucky for you, there’s the option to play for free for a few games while still being able to win skins. This is done by using so-called promo codes when you create your account. Simply copy-paste one of the promo codes above into the corresponding website, and you’ll be awarded coins that allow you to gamble for free for a while. We regularly update the promo codes and websites listed above so that they are up-to-date, and so that you can get highest starting bonus possible. Good luck with CS GO minesweeper, and remember to have fun!