Best Places to Buy CS2 Skins in 2024

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    Sites to Buy CS2 Skins with Low Fees

    • csgoroll
    • Gamdom
    • 1. CSGORoll

      When we have a discussion about sites to buy CSGO skins CSGORoll has to be mentioned as one of the best. It offers various games to play, so everyone can find something for themself, besides the case opening site provides fun games like:

      • Crash
      • Dice
      • Roll
      • Plinko
      • New game called “Cluck ‘n’ Boom”

      On this site you can find every CS2 skin you can imagine, which is the reason for its popularity. Furthermore, you can type in promo code “HELGO” and be rewarded with three free cases and 5% bonus on each cash deposit. Moreover, you can achieve valuable prizes by playing tournaments or participating in giveaways.

    • 2. CSGO500 (500Casino)

      CSGO500 is a technically advanced gambling platform that offers crypto as a payment method as it is labeled as safest and cheapest because it allows you to skip past fees because of usage of blockchain technology. Other than cryptocurrency, there are many other payment options.

      Casino presentes a variety of games from famous publishers such as Betsoft, Endorphina, NetEnt, Thunerkick, Booongo etc. Some of the most popular amusements on this website are:

      • CS:GO Roulette
      • Crash
      • Blackjack
      • Slots

      Navigation sections and menu items make it easy to find the right slot or game to play. Use code “top100list” to achieve a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1k and 50 free spins.

    • 3. CSGOEmpire

      When we talk about longevity in the bracket of sites to buy CSGO skins, CSGOEmpire comes second to none as it has been operating since 2016. If the question asked is „Where to buy CSGO skins?“ this website would come up as an answer in the discussion. To confirm CSGOEmpire's dependability, they have 12 million active players around the globe.

      This site is not focused strictly on CS2, consequently Dota 2 case opening became very desirable on this site along with CS2 case opening. This website will provide everyone with free rewards that can be sorted in 3 options which are money, war tags and items. In case you are looking for something else, the platform provides play options like case battles, upgrader and mixer. Use code “top100list” to get a free bonus case worth from $0.01 to $1445 and free coins.

    • 4. Tradeit.GG

      Tradeit.GG is certainly one of the most famous platform for exchange of skins ever. If you are looking where to buy skins CS2, you are surely in the right place because TradeIt has made over 35 million exchanges on their platform. Also, this site is registered as a real business in the United States, which confirms its trustworthiness.

      Promo codes on this site are made to welcome new users and to appreciate devoted and loyal customers. Using promo codes will reward you and will add some money to your deposits and can as well be used to achieve a price deduction on skin you wish to buy. Use code “HELLAGOOD” to get 10% top up bonus or 10% discount.

    • 5. Skinport

      Skinport is recognized as one of the best CSGO skin marketplace, other than CSGO it offers skins for Rust, TF2, Dota 2 and all that for competitive prices. It is famous for having skins 30% cheaper than its competition, there are also no fees for customers which makes this a pretty good deal.

      Other than that you are permitted to become a seller if you intend to make some money or get rid of skins you don’t like. Using Skinport user interface trading skins becomes a lot easier so you can jump into buying and selling at a chosen price without a problem. Use code “HELLAGOOD” to buy and sell skins quickly on Skinport.

    • 6. SkinSwap

      SkinSwap is one of the CSGO skin-buying websites that also makes it possible to buy skins for other games, in this case, Rust. What makes this site great is its speed, when selling skins for money, SkinSwap provides a payout much faster than other competitors. Also, they have a built-in system which makes it able to upgrade your skins for a new, better one. For trading, they offer low fees which makes it good for that particular task.

      SkinSwap commonly makes giveaways so that every player gets a chance to earn as much cash as possible. Giveaways are made daily and weekly and can be found on the trade or sell page of their website. They have a promo code, type in “HELLAGOOD” and you will receive a free case that can be opened after completing a few steps.

    • 7. Bandit.Camp

      Bandit.Camp is a site that provides a gambling experience with a variety of fun and innovative games. It is made entirely to provide loads of fun for each customer and at the same time allow earning valuable skins or increasing your balance. Bandit.Camp is viewed as one of the best CSGO skin sites that also offers a gambling environment.

      What separates this site from others is rewards from promo codes. The main reason for such a policy is to attract new players and to show appreciation for existing ones. By using those promo codes, you can achieve bonuses on deposits. Feel free to use code “hellagood” to be rewarded with $0.15 and +5% extra money for deposit.

    • 8. Clash.GG

      Clash.GG is an up-and-coming place to buy CSGO skins that have started to form its social network with loads of betting games for each player. Their goal is to make a really good and memorable gambling experience so they implemented great live support, a lot of games, and offers bonuses regularly.

      The site is known for having an enormous amount of games, for instance, roulette, mines, cases, crash, upgrader, jackpot, battles, and many more so everyone can find something they enjoy and make some extra cash while having fun. Promo codes are generous on this site, in particular code “hellagood” will grant you a daily free case and a rakeback.

    • 9. RustClash

      RustClash will forever be remembered as the first site that provided a case opening for Rust skins. Today its distinction is its innovativeness when it comes to games. They also made it so that every new player gets a free case to earn a skin right off the bat. Their site design makes each gamble look as smooth as possible on both desktop and mobile.

      RustClash went with the philosophy “more is less” so they implemented three games that are made wonderfully and are constantly being upgraded. Website features case opening, skins upgrader and case battles. They want to make everything feel nice, thus, they added customer support through emails. To be rewarded with some bonuses, use code “HELLAGOOD” so you can be rewarded with a daily free case and a rakeback.

    • 10. Dmarket

      Dmarket could be mentioned in the discussion about the best websites to buy CSGO skins because of its feature called face-to-face trading, with this feature a player is allowed to trade skins without transferring them to DMarket site, in other words, you are free to put up your skin for sale, and still use it until it is sold.

      Website is known for having a well designed interface, that makes everything stand out. Other than that they have a variety of rare skins that are priced fairly and also can be bought with NFT and blockchain marketplace. DMarket uses SSL encryption to guarantee an individual's privacy.

    How To Buy CS2 Skins?

    The process of buying CS2 skins is very simple and almost the same on every website.

    1. First and foremost you have to find a skin you like and be willing to buy it, after that you have to find a website that will provide that particular skin.
    2. When you decide which website you wish to use, you have to register so your steam account can connect with an account on website.
    3. It is not required, but it is highly recommended to enter a promo code so you can get a discount on your purchase. Feel free to try out promo code „HELLAGOOD“ to achieve rewards on multiple websites.When you have done the steps above, scroll through the site and find the skin you are looking for and go through with payments.
    4. After the transaction has been done, it will show up in your inventory so you can immediately start using it.
    5. Enjoy your new skin!

    You might be wondering why these 10 sites are the best if the process is the same almost everywhere. Well, these are already tested and well known websites that will complete your purchase in no time and ensure your enjoyment. Keeping that in mind, we would advise you to use listed websites as your choice of provider.

    List of the 10 best sites to buy CS2 skins in 2024

    RatingSites to Buy CS2 SkinsBonusClaim Here
    1stCSGORoll5% deposit bonus and 3 free casesBuy skins now
    2ndCSGO500 (500Casino)100% bonus on deposit up to $1000 and 50 free spinsBuy skins now
    3rdCSGOEmpireFree coins and a case worth anywhere from $0.01 to $1445 Buy skins now
    4thTradeit.GGEither 35% top up bonus or 35% store discount and $5 for freeBuy skins now
    5thSkinportAbility to buy and sell skins quicklyBuy skins now
    6thSkinSwapFree caseBuy skins now
    7thBandit.CampReceive $0.15 on signup and 5% bonus on depositBuy skins now
    8thClash.GGRakeback and daily free caseBuy skins now
    9thRustClashRakeback and daily free caseBuy skins now
    10thDMarketReduction of commission, participation in giveawaysBuy skins now

    The best skins CS2 that are worth buying

    It is impossible to pinpoint which skins are worth buying more than others considering the fact everyone has different opinions and views. Thus, the best skins are the ones you enjoy looking at the most or the ones that potentially elevate your game performance to a new level. Some of the most famous skins out there are:

    ⚫ The Empress (AK-47)
    ⚫ Neo-Noir (USP-S)
    ⚫ Gungnir (AWP)
    ⚫ Royal Paladin (M4A4)

    If you are looking to buy any of the listed skins, feel free to use sites that are listed above and you can also use promo codes to make each purchase even cheaper. For example try code „HELLAGOOD“ for rewards such as 5 % deposit bonus, free cases, or straight-up extra money.

    DMarket F2F market

    Other Avenues of Buying CS2 Skins

    When you start your hunt for CS2 skins, most likely you are going to look for in-game cases that can be opened and receive a skin from there. That might be an option but certainly, it is not the best one financially because those are, without a doubt, the most expensive cases you can open. Above we have listed the 10 best sites to buy CSGO skins which will elevate the looks of your game to a whole new level without breaking your bank account. If you decide to go for websites as your source of skin providers, we advise you to use code „HELLAGOOD“ because you are certain to get bonus rewards from it.

    Trade CSGO skins

    Pros and cons of sites for buying CS2 skins

    Same as everything in life, CSGO skin buy websites have their advantages and flaws. Because of that here is the list of positive and negative sides to buying skins online:


    • 👍 Cheaper skins
    • 👍 Ability to trade skins
    • 👍 Possibility of getting bonuses through promo codes
    • 👍 Potentially you can find exotic skins
    • 👍 Participation in giveaways could result in profit


    • 👎 Bad choice of site could result in loss of money review


    CS2 in-game skins are becoming more and more popular as days go, we have no doubt that in future skins will become one of the biggest aspects to new games. CS2 community has adopted that mindset with a large skin marketplace that just keeps on growing. Websites that feature CSGO skin marketplace are a legitimate way of saving money while having fun. There are a ton of websites to choose from, so we advise you to make a research of which one you find best before jumping in with your money. To help you out, feel free to try websites listed above as there are no downsides to their work. To make your hunt for skins even more efficent, use code „HELLAGOOD“ to achieve rewards in the beginning of your journey.


    • What is the best place to buy CS2 skins?

      It is very hard to answer such a question because there is a large CS2 skin marketplace with various websites that may come up. We definitely recommend buying CS2 skins via some of the mentioned websites and not directly in the game, because it will be cheaper and you have more chance to earn highly valuable items. For example, try sites like:

      • 1


      • 2


      • 3


      those sites are tested, and they have tons of extra rewards for each player. To maximize your efficiency, feel free to try out promo code „HELLAGOOD“ which will grant you valuable rewards on each one of those.
    • Is buying CS2 skins from websites safe?

      Buying skins from trustworthy websites is safe and you will have no problem with any actions on sites listed above. Without a doubt there are some bad people who make websites to trick or scam people so you must be on the lookout for those. Best protection against that would be to use reliable websites and not to believe something that sounds way too good because it most likely isn’t true. When you are looking at a website and are not sure whether it is reliable, always do research before putting any money on the website.
    • How to buy CS2 skins with PayPal?

      Buying skins with PayPal is almost the same as buying with any other payment method. Here is how to do it:

      • 1

        Find a website you wish to become your skin provider

      • 2

        Find a skin you wish to have in your inventory

      • 3

        Select the skin and go the checkout

      • 4

        Use PayPal as a method of payment and type in required information so the transaction can be done

      • 5

        Enjoy the skin you bought!

    • Is buying CS2 skins from websites legal?

      Undoubtedly, someone must think are these websites to buy CSGO skins legal and that is a very good question considering the offers some websites have. To answer the question shortly, each and every website mentioned in this article is 100% legal and can be used without fear. Websites are connected to Steam account which proves its trustworthiness even more.

    Author: Andreea Lavorenciuc

    Updated on: 13.06.2024