CSGO Jackpot Sites List | Best Sites in 2021 + Promo Codes

Last Updated: March 3, 2020

Finding the best CSGO Jackpot site can seem like a daunting task. And as a player it is. There are a bunch CSGO gambling options out there. There are a lot of good ones, but as with anything, there are also bad ones. For that reason, we have researched for you. We’ve reviewed, tested and verified that the sites below are to be trusted. We’ve handpicked the best CS GO jackpot sites for you to enjoy. Also feel free to use the free promo codes we’ve found for you to use.

The 3 Best CSGO Jackpot Sites of 2021:

Logo Ref Code Details
Best Overall
CSGOEmpire Free case worth up to $1400
  • Legit (live since 2017)
  • Biggest community
  • Accepts BTC
  • Second place
    CSGORoll Free $0.50 bonus
  • Legit
  • Fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Third place
    CSGOFast Free $0.50 bonus
  • Many game modes
  • Trustworthy
  • CS:GO Jackpot – A good old classic has gone online:

    CSGO jackpot in action

    The CS:GO jackpot is on! source: skinjoker

    CS GO jackpot is a bit different from the original jackpot version you may think of. But it’s a fairly simple game, so let’s get to it. First, you go to a CSGO jackpot website. You can then see the jackpot. If you’re interested in joining in and possibly winning you can then deposit skins into the jackpot. The more value of skins you add to the jackpot the higher chance you have to win the jackpot. The chances of you winning the jackpot go up the more value you add to the jackpot. When enough people have added skins to the jackpot, and time has run out, the jackpot game will start. Typically, a wheel or something like that will spin, and the winner will be selected. The winner then gets the big jackpot.

    Now, why did this game mode become so popular? Jackpot has always been popular in real life. So, therefore, it’s also quite obvious that it would be popular on the online CS:GO version. What’s attracting a lot of people to play CS:GO jackpot is the ability to deposit very little value, and still have the chance to win the whole pot. There’s simply no better feeling than when you only deposit some mediocre skins but end up winning the whole jackpot containing knives and sick skins. It simply gives a form of adrenaline rush that’s hard to get from other games.

    Playing CSGO jackpot does require self-control, as some people can get very upset if they see them losing the jackpot even though they invested most into the pot. But you have to realize that’s the way things go sometimes.

    Other game modes worth considering

    Get a good start with a free promo code

    If you’re looking to get started with CS GO jackpot, then we have some good news for you. We’ve done the tedious work of finding the best promo codes for all the CS:GO skin jackpot sites listed above. You’ll find them in the table feed, and all of them will give you free coins for all the small CSGO jackpot sites listed above. These codes are powerful as they are completely free to use. You don’t have to deposit anything to get the free bonus. These codes will truly give you a kickstart on these websites. And by the way, what’s better in this world than free stuff? In this way you can play CS:GO jackpot even if you’re poor in CS:GO! GL HF!

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