RuneScape Gambling - The Best OSRS Gambling Sites

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    RuneScape Gambling Sites of July 2024

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    • csgoroll
    • gamdom
    • 1. CSGORoll

      Starting out our list of RuneScape gambling websites is CSGORoll. Despite what the name might suggest, CSGORoll welcomes gamers from all titles. They display a pretty straightforward layout that even the inexperienced player should be able to navigate. You can claim our promo code “HELGO” to receive three free cases along with an extra 5% bonus on all cash deposits. You can use these bonuses on their handful of games, such as:

      • Roll
      • Cluck ‘N’ Boom
      • Crash
      • Case Battles

      CSGORoll also features a dedicated Esports section where users can bet on their favorite teams in their favorite games, from CS2 to Starcraft. Despite being fairly basic, it has everything you’d like to see on a gambling site. Although, more experienced players might look for more games to bet on.

    • 2.

      If you’ve ever dabbled in online gambling, odds are you’ve likely already heard of It’s one of the biggest and most popular sites out there today and is the perfect avenue for RuneScape gambling. To level up your experience, also offers a 200% welcome bonus or a deposit bonus of up to $3000 by claiming our code “Hella200” before depositing.

      Stake has it all. It features a wide array of games, from Stake Originals to classic favorites like Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette. Of course, Stake also offers a Sports Book section where you can bet on pretty much any game in the world. If you’re looking for a five-star casino-like experience from the comfort of your own home, then you can’t go wrong with choosing It’s also highly endorsed by popular celebrities, streamers, and other high-profile personalities, which makes it feel a lot safer.

    • 3. Duelbits

      One thing I really like about Duelbits is their very clean user interface. This makes the site easy to explore for new players and experienced gamblers. They also put a heavy emphasis on crypto payments, making it great not only for OSRS gambling but for crypto-based gambling as well. Don’t forget to use our code “infotoplist” to unlock their exclusive Ace Rewards and a 50% rakeback bonus upon sign-up.

      Luckily, they do have a ton of different games that you can spend your money on. They feature quick games like Instant Lottery, Scratchcards, Plinko, and Crash. However, they also have a full-blown casino section and a Sportsbook for sports betting. Duelbits is also a great site for big ballers thanks to the rakeback promotion and VIP treatment like unique Ace’s Rewards and the Ace’s Lounge, where your rewards and level increase the more you play and bet on the site. Overall, it’s a solid casino that offers a little bit of everything.

    • 4. Gamdom

      If you’re on the hunt for the best crypto and Bitcoin casino out there, then Gamdom should definitely be on the top of your list. Don’t worry, though; they also support more than 50 other payment methods other than Bitcoin, making them a solid choice for RuneScape gambling. Adding to the experience, Gamdom also offers free coins, along with a 15% rakeback for users who claim our code “top100list.

      In line with some of the other sites we’ve listed, Gamdom has a vast game library that features the staples most players look for. Games like Crash and Roulette are highlighted, but slots, card games, and match betting are also available. One of their most unique features is the “Recent Wins” section, where everyone can see player wins and what games they are playing on. This makes it easier to find games and titles with huge possible payouts.

    • 5. CSGOEmpire

      While CSGOEmpire is primarily marketed as a CS2 skin gambling site, it can still provide great value for users looking to play RuneScape gambling games. Players can conveniently sign in using Steam, allowing them direct access to their skin/ item inventories that they can use to deposit skins to wager on the site. Of course, skin withdrawals are also made flawless by this system. To top it off, you’ll receive a bonus case worth up to $1445 and free coins if you activate our own code “top100list.”

      You can count the number of games available on CSGOEmpire. However, they do have their own version of Roulette, Coinflip, and Case Battles, which is plenty of fun for those looking for quick rounds. They also boast a match betting section for all major sports and esports, giving players plenty of chances to win more money.

    • 6. Roobet

      The final entry on our list of the best OSRS gambling sites is Roobet. Robot is one of the fastest-growing crypto casinos out there, which is honestly not that surprising when you find out that they are partnered with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Charles Oliveira. Though they’ve only been in the industry for a short time, they’ve already won multiple awards, like Best Start-Up Company of the Year (2023) and Best Online Casino Operator of the Year (2023), among others.

      When it comes to gambling, Robot has a plethora of games to choose from. They have their own Roobet original games but also host classics like Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and a Live Casino if you’re itching for more. They also have a sportsbook featuring 10 of the most popular sports and esports in the world. To fully enjoy these games, we recommend taking advantage of our “GAMBLECSGO'' promo code and unlock instant RooWards access, up to $200 daily, and a 20% cashback for the first 7 days to kickstart your gambling career.

    What is RuneScape Gambling?

    RuneScape gambling is pretty much the same as regular gambling. It just often involves using in-game items instead of money as wagers. However, some sites allow players to convert their items into money and then use that to bet on games. These sites will usually connect to your in-game inventory and assign monetary values to your items based on their market value.

    It’s a fast and easy way to win money or score better items by risking your own items/money. It’s at least way faster than grinding or reselling items. The amount you win will depend on the games you play. Some games will typically return an x2 profit, while others can allow you to win bigger multipliers if you are willing to take more risks. The beauty is that you get to have fun playing these games, all while potentially earning huge amounts.

    Best list of RuneScape Gambling Sites in 2024

    RatingRuneScape Gambling SiteBonusClaim Here
    1stCSGORollUse ”GAMBLE-CSGO” for 3 cases and a free +5% Deposit bonusClaim Now
    2ndStake.comUse ”hella200” to 200% Welcome or Deposit Bonus up to $3000Claim Now
    3rdDuelbitsUse ”infotoplist” to get instant unlock Ace’s rewards, with nearly 50% RakebackClaim Now
    4thGamdomUse ”top100list” to claim 15% instant rakeback for the first 7 days upon Signup + Earn up to 60% RakebackClaim Now
    5thCSGOEmpireUse ”top100list” to receive a Free Bonus Cases worth anywhere from $0.01 to $1445 + Free CoinsClaim Now
    6thRoobetUse ”HELLAGO” and unlock Instant RooWards Access + get up to $200 daily + 20% cashback for 7 daysClaim Now

    Are RuneScape Gambling Sites Legit?

    While we can’t speak on behalf of every RuneScape gambling site out there, we can guarantee that the ones we’ve listed are 100% legit and safe. Not to mention that all of these sites have high ratings and positive reviews on Trustpilot, among other sites. Depending on your location, some of these gambling sites might be blocked. However, as long as you can access it on a standard browser, you should be in the green.

    In some instances, specific games might be restricted in your country. If this happens, usually the game screen is usually darkened out with a notice. It’s still legal and safe to use, you just aren’t allowed to access that specific game.

    How to Choose the Best RuneScape Gambling Website?

    You can’t go wrong with any of the 6 OSRS gambling sites we’ve listed, but they are not created equal. So, here are a few factors to consider when choosing a site to play on:

    • User Interface – Consider how easy it is to navigate a site and reach your favorite games. Look for websites with a layout you find amusing and helpful.
    • Game Library – Of course, there’s no point gambling on games you don’t enjoy. Ensure that your chosen casino hosts your preferred games. Choosing with a wide library also ensures you’ll rarely get bored of playing.
    • Payment Methods – Check out the supported payment methods and ensure they carry your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods to have easy access to your funds.
    • Bonuses and Promotions – Finally, look for ones with bonuses and promotions that match your gambling diet. Some sites offer huge rewards for big ballers, while others provide amazing welcome offers you can claim. They typically come in the form of promo codes, so make sure to check out our detailed reviews of the sites and use the promo code before making your deposit.

    duelbits promo

    The Main Advantages of RuneScape Gambling Sites

    Now that we’ve discussed the best RuneScape gambling websites and how to pick one let’s move on to their advantages.

    1. 24/7 Access – One of the best things about these sites is their 24/7 availability. You can play anytime and anywhere; they will always be open. All you need is some steady internet access and some luck to get those huge wins.

    2. Numerous Payment Methods – RuneScape items aren’t the only things you can wager. You can add funds via real money, crypto, gift cards, and even items from other games.

    3. Bonuses and Promotions – These sites also offer all sorts of promotions that players can enjoy. These include promotions like:

    • Welcome bonuses
    • Rakeback features
    • VIP Clubs and offers
    • Coupon codes
    • Raffles

    4. Promo Codes – All of these sites offer their own version of promo codes, like code “GAMBLECSGO” on Roobet, which gives players instant RooWards access, along with up to $200 daily and a 20% cashback for the first 7 days. Just imagine what you’re missing out on on the other sites. Make sure to check out our individual site reviews to learn more about these promo codes.

    Bonuses and Promotions on RuneScape Gambling Sites

    Each one of the best OSRS gambling sites we’ve listed offers its own set of promotions and bonuses. Let’s discuss each type of promotion that players can enjoy.

    • Welcome/ New Player bonuses – As the name suggests, these are usually given to new players or first time users.
    • Rakeback/ Cashback – These are typically percentage-based returns whenever you’ve lost a specific amount. Duelbits offers up to a 50% rakeback upon sign-up, and a 10% instant bits cashback as part of their Ace’s Rewards System. This ensures that even on a loss streak, you’ll get some of your money back.
    • Promo Codes – These are codes that players can enter to claim rewards, welcome bonuses, discounts, and deposit bonuses, among other things. You can try out code “hella200” over on for a 200% welcome bonus up to $3000, or code “HELGO” on CSGORoll to receive three free cases and an additional 5% bonus on all deposits. There are plenty more codes available on our site.
    • Raffles – Are usually held daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the specific site. Prizes can range anywhere from free items, free games, or cold-hard cash.
    • VIP Clubs and other exclusive offers – These promotions are typically reserved for players who spend large amounts on the site. The rewards can vary but typically include large deposit bonuses, rakeback rewards, and enhanced customer support, among others.

    Roobet promo

    Winning Strategies in RuneScape Gambling Games

    I will now share with you some of my personal strategies when it comes to winning on RuneScape gambling games.

    • Manage Your Bankroll

    The first tip is to be a disciplined gambler and manage your bankroll. Set a specific amount you want to wager and stick to it. Don’t increase your bet just because you’ve lost a couple, that’s how you deplete your stack.

    • Choose Your Games

    Sometimes, knowing what games to play can make or break your gaming session. I often find myself jumping from one game to another whenever things aren’t working out in my favor. This helps reduce the tilt factor and can even turn things around.

    • Know When To Stop

    This one isn’t necessarily going to help you win, but it’s to help you manage your funds. Set a limit on your losses and learn to accept them. We all have bad days, so be patient and come back another day when you’re having one.

    • Don’t Get Blinded By Huge Multipliers

    Finally, don’t chase those massive multipliers. I know it can be very tempting to go for them, but they pay eye-popping numbers for a reason. Stick to those x2s, and you’ll win more consistently.


    Overall, all of our choices for the top RuneScape gambling sites have gone through our rigorous testing and we have determined that they are worthy of your OSRS items and money. We can assure you that your items and money are 100% safe on these sites. All you have to do is choose one that fits your taste. Also, make sure to apply our promo code upon depositing to enhance your gaming experience by receiving free bonuses on the respective site. All codes can be found within our site reviews, so feel free to check them out.

    Betting can be a fun venture as long as you know your limits and have decent self-control. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to potentially earn, as long as you know the risks involved. Who knows, you might even get lucky and hit it big.


    • What is the Best RuneScape Gambling Site?

      All of the OSRS gambling sites we’ve listed are great in their own right, so you really can’t go wrong with choosing any of them. However, they all do have their own set of pros and cons so you’ll have to consider those before committing to a site.

      It really depends on what you’re looking for in a gambling site.

      • CSGORoll and CSGOEmpire are great for OSRS and CS2 players.

      • and Duelbits are among the most popular sites out there.

      • Roobet and Gamdom are both great for crypto-based payments.

      If you can’t choose, then you can simply try them all.

    • How Do I Place My First Bet on the RuneScape Gambling Site?

      It’s actually pretty easy to place your first bet on a gambling site. Follow these steps to find out:

      • 1

        Choose your preferred RuneScape gambling website. Any of the six we’ve listed would be fine.

      • 2

        Create an account on the site. Some of the sites will require you to log in via Steam, while others will only ask for a valid email address, along with some basic personal data.

      • 3

        Add funds to your wallet by making your first deposit using your preferred payment method. Don’t forget to apply the promo code for your preferred site.

      • 4

        Select a game you would like to play, adjust your wager, and confirm your bet.

      That’s pretty much it. These steps should be standard regardless of the betting site you choose.
    • What Types of Gambling are There in RuneScape?

      Within RuneScape itself, there are a variety of official and player-run gambling types available. These RuneScape gaming games include:

      • Staking

      • Rat Pits

      • Conquest

      • Falador Party Room

      • Squeal of Fortune

      These games can be played within RuneScape and are officially supported by the developers. They are legit and safe to play, verified by the developers themselves, so players shouldn’t have to worry about anything.
    • What are the Risks Associated with Gambling at RuneScape?

      Well, the risks involved when gambling in RuneScape are pretty much what you would expect when getting involved in gambling in general. Of course, the main one is that you risk losing money/items. If you’re not careful, you can lose a lot very quickly, so make sure to stay disciplined and always know your limits. Remember, only gamble what you’re willing to lose.

      It’s also worth saying that you run the risk of getting scammed, tricked, or kicked when participating in player-run gambling games within RuneScape. Your account probably won’t be banned, but you still need to proceed with caution.

    Author: Anwell Patdu

    Updated on: 22.07.2024