CSGO Crash Sites List | Best Sites in 2020 + Promo Codes

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There are so many CSGO gambling sites with the popular CSGO Crash game. With so many websites it can be hard to tell which ones are best to play on. But don’t worry, we’ve done the extensive research for you, and present you with the top 5 sites below. We’ve also gathered some free promo codes for you to enjoy.

Best CSGO Crash Sites 2020

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CSGO Empire
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4.6/5csgofast new
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What is the CS:GO Crash game?

CSGOCrash is a relatively simple game. As with any other game, you deposit your skins in exchange for virtual currency, which you can then gamble. There’s typically only one instance of the game running on a site. It runs, and then after the game ends, a new game will start after a few seconds, which gives players time to make their bets before the game starts. When the game starts, a multiplier counter starts. It starts at 1.0x and will gradually increase until it crashes at a random multiplier. If you cash out before the multiplier crashes, you will win your bet multiplied by the number of the multiplier when you cashed out. If you do not cash out before the multiplier counter crashes, you lose, and will not get anything.

CSGO Crash

A game of crash. source: CS:GORoll

So, if you make a bet of 100 coins, and cash out at 2.00x, you will be rewarded with 200 coins. That is if you manage to cash out at 2.00x before the game “crashes”.

When making your bet you can also set a multiplier number where you want to automatically cash out. You can also choose to manually cash out when you want by pressing a cash out button.

After the game ends, the winners get their winnings, and the losers get nothing. They then have some seconds where they can bet on the upcoming game of crash before it starts. This is basically how the game operates.

CS:GOCrash is a rather social multiplayer game because you’re typically betting on the same game as hundreds of other players. You can typically see the excitement and disappointment when people lose in the chats, that most of these gambling sites provide. There’s typically also a scoreboard that shows when people win and when people lose. You’ll then be able to get an overview of which guys win big and which guys lose hard.

How did it become so popular?

With so many CSGO crash websites and their huge popularity, there must be a reason why this game has become so popular. And yes, there is. The game is packed with action, and people in the community seem to absolutely love it. Seeing that multiplier graph grow while you’ve bet a lot of money on it truly gives a ton of excitement. There’s no comparison to the adrenaline kick you get when you manage to cash out at 60x. That’s one big multiplier, and a lot of potential money won!

Sometimes, you’ll also see the multiplier reaching ridiculous heights of over 70x. If you were to cash out at a 70x multiplier, you would win your starting bet multiplied by 70! Now that may be one of the reasons CS GO Crash betting is as big as it is.

Some also say that the game has become popular because it is one of the games in the industry where you get the best odds, but we’re not sure that’s entirely true.

So, what are you waiting for? Try a game of Crash for free today by using one of the CS GO Crash referral codes found at the top of this page.