CSGO Raffle Sites List | Best Sites in 2019 + Promo Codes

You probably know that there’s a bunch of CSGO raffle sites. This makes separating the good ones from the bad ones a hard task. But don’t worry. We’ve done the work for you. We’ve tested, reviewed and verified hundreds of CS:GO gambling sites. We’ve then compiled the best ones into lists. Below this, you’ll find a list of the top CS:GO skin raffle websites right now. We regularly update the list, and we’ve also found some powerful promo codes for you.

Best CSGO Raffle Sites 2019

RatingSiteGamesReferral Code 
CSGO Empire
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.6/5csgofast new
roulette | crash | slots | customdz88wb-csgo
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.4/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)

CS:GO Raffles – The different options

The option to raffle is not as big as many other game types in CS:GO, but it’s still to be found on quite a few platforms. There are generally two forms of raffles:

  • Classic raffle (the one you know from real life)
  • Raffles in the form of case opening

Classic raffle

The classic form of raffle is not something that a lot of CS:GO gambling websites have, but there’s a few. As of writing this CS:GO bounty has a popular raffle system that runs really well. You simply buy raffle tickets, and then you participate in the raffle. If one of the numbers on your raffle tickets gets picked, then you are awarded the skin. What’s great about this site is that the rewards are in the high end. You can win expensive skins and even knives by just buying a raffle ticket. There’s simply no better feeling when you win on a raffle ticket.

Raffles in the form of case opening

this is the more popular type of raffle today. A lot of people love opening cases on gambling sites. There’s a bunch of sites out there to fulfill your need if you’re looking to open cases. There’s actually some pretty good ones with cool graphics. We personally prefer the experience of opening cases online rather than in the actual game.

Get a head start with a promo code

We’ve found the most effective promo codes for the specific websites we’ve picked. When activated these codes give you a head start when you register. You get free currency on that website without even having to pay for it. Free stuff is the best stuff, and if done right, you can win real CSGO skins just from using the free promo codes. Activating a promo code is super simple. You navigate to the website in question, enter the code, redeem it, and you’ll have the extra currency in your account. You’re then ready to play CSGOraffle, crash, poker, slots or whatever you feel like.