CSGO Lucky Wheel Sites List | Best Sites in 2020 + Promo Codes

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Here are the best CSGO Lucky wheel sites. We’ve created a list of the top sites to play on. This list is based on hundreds of hours of research of different CS:GO gambling websites. We use our own testing methodology to test whether sites are legit, and how great their games are. We’ve also fetched the best promo codes for these websites. Enjoy!

Best CSGO Wheel Sites 2020

RatingSiteGamesReferral Code 
CSGO Empire
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.6/5csgofast new
roulette | crash | slots | customdz88wb-csgo
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.4/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)

Spin to Win on the CS:GO Lucky Wheel

Lucky wheel games have always been popular. There’s nothing better than the adrenaline rush you get when the wheel is spinning, and the marker then stops at the spot where you want it to. People have won bank on lucky wheels, but it can of course also go the other way. These days, lucky wheel has also entered the CS GO world. It all started out when a gambling provider named CSGO Spin King went viral. That lead to a lot of people starting to play the Lucky wheel game. Today you can play CSGO lucky wheel on a ton of different CS:GO gambling sites. There are so many options, that we have done extensive work for you and compiled a list for you. This list will quickly give you an overview of the best sites to play on if you’re looking for CS GO lucky wheel action.

So how does CS:GO lucky wheel work? What are the rules? It, of course, differs from site to site, but most CS:GO lucky wheel games work like this:

  1. You deposit your skins on the gambling website.
  2. You bet your money on a wheel you choose.
  3. Spin the wheel, and you’ll either win or lose depending on the outcome.

Most CSGO spin the wheel games are single-player only, but there are also some websites that have it as a multiplayer version. Seeing others bet on the wheel, and seeing the chat go nuts while the wheel is spinning just adds an extra level of excitement to the game. The feeling of winning bank while the rest of the chat lose is legendary.

Enjoy free gambling with promo codes

We always recommend that you try out these games for free before you start depositing your lovely skins into them. Therefore, we’ve fetched some promo codes for you to enjoy. Simply copy the code, and redeem it on the matching site. This will typically give you 0.5 worth of currency on that website, which you can play with for some time. If you’re lucky you may even be able to turn that free bonus into a valuable skin. Try your luck! GL HF, buddy!

CSGO lucky wheel

Spin to win! source: CSGOWheel