CSGO Betting Sites List | Best Sites in 2018 + Promo Codes

There’s hundreds of CS:GO betting sites out there. But how do you know which of them are great, and which ones to avoid? There’s no need to worry. We’ve done the tedious work for you. In the table feed below we’ve listed the top websites for CS:GO betting. Those sites are picked out of hundreds of sites and have gone through our testing methodology where we review, test and verify the legitimacy of the sites. We’ve also gathered a bunch of promo codes for you to utilize.

Best CSGO Betting Sites 2018

RatingSiteGamesPromo Code 
csgofast new
roulette | crash | slots | customDZ88WB
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
roulette | crash | raffle | sweeper | diceletsgoboys
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.5/5gamdomroulette | crash | tradeup | hilowinnerdinner
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.3/5CSGO Empire
roulette | slotsnewyearswinner
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)
4.1/5csgoroll image
roulette | crash dice | coinflip10293923
(gives free $0.50 as bonus)

CS:GO Betting Has Grown Into A Huge Industry

CS:GO betting

A classic game of roulette. source: CSGORoll

CSGO is a game played by millions of players every day. It is an FPS game that has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary shooter mechanics and its interesting trading system. It’s interesting to see how Valve has successfully managed to make skins and knives so attractive. The most expensive skins and knives are worth thousands of dollars. This has lead to big CS:GO betting sites being launched. This wave started in 2015, and the betting industry has been growing bigger and bigger ever since then. Right now, it’s said to be a billion-dollar industry with more and more players joining the CSGO betting world every day.

But as with anything, there will be good and bad things. And to CS GO bet is no exception. There are hundreds of bet websites today. Some are good, yet others are bad and not to be trusted. As a player, it can be hard to know which websites to play on, and which ones to stay away from. We felt this struggle ourselves as we are avid CS:GO players ourselves. After having dealt with enough bad, small CS GO betting websites we decided that we wanted to help others. We wanted to help people get an easy overview of which bet sites to trust and which ones not to trust. This lead to us launching CSGO Totem which is a platform where we’ve reviewed hundreds of CSGO bet websites. We then pick the top ones and show them to our users. In this way, a user can within seconds figure out which sites are of high quality.

Being able to help others is what drives us to keep going. Therefore, we constantly do our best to keep improving, and most important of all: to constantly keep tabs on what’s happening within the industry. It’s a hard task, but we’re here to solve it for you.

A bunch of different games to play

There’s also a bunch of different types of games to bet on. We strive to show you the best providers for each different type of game. We, for example, have lists showing you the best websites if you’re looking to play: Crash, Roulette, Coinflip, Blackjack and so much more. New games are also regularly introduced to the CS:GO betting community, so, therefore, we also do our to aggregate the best providers for newly released game modes.

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