Best Dota 2 Trading Sites in 2024

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    Dota 2 Trading Site Picks of June 2024

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    • 1. SkinsMonkey

      SkinsMonkey is one of the best Dota 2 trade platforms that you can try out. It's unique, as it has a cool design and layout, not to mention that it's easy for people to trade skins.

      This website is used by lots of people, and it allows users to make deposits through various methods and currencies. All you have to do is log into your account and then make the deposit using the desired method. Moreover, you will not have to deal with any commission charges after the funds are deposited.

      To allow the Dota trade process to go smoothly and provide the desired results, SkinsMonkey uses trade bots. They are high-quality trade bots that can find the ideal skin options for you.

      The customer service is amazing, and you can easily get the help that you need.

    • 2. Tradeit.GG

      Tradeit.GG has everything you need in terms of Dota 2 skin trading. From the moment you land on the main page, you can notice the cool layout and the trading options available.

      One thing people love about Tradeit.GG compared to other Dota trading sites is the fact that the registration process is a piece of cake. You only need a Steam account to be able to log in. Afterward, all your trades will be checked using this platform.

      The Tradeit.GG marketplace is extremely vast. There's something for everyone. You can rest assured that you'll find items that spark your interest without spending too much time. Also, you can use the site in several languages, so it's even accessible for non-native English speakers.

      Trades have very low fees, and there are even giveaways held from time to time.

    • 3. DMarket

      DMarket allows you to easily find the skins or items you are looking for. Out of all Dota 2 skin trading sites, this one provides you with a filter tool that can sort the items you'd be interested in so that you can end up making successful trades.

      It takes a little bit of time to get accustomed to the UI, but it's not impossible. Besides, the Dota 2 trading experience is great, offering you the chance to use a live chat in case you have any problems or questions.

      To make things even better for its users, DMarket created a mobile application. So, you can always exchange skins on the go.

      And although it takes some time to sell an item on this trade site Dota 2, you can have peace of mind that you'll end up with something that you like.

    • 4. CS.Trade

      With CS.Trade, all skin traders can rest assured that they will find their dream skins. It's important to know that this is mainly a CSGO skin-trading platform, but it also provides Dota 2 skins for passionate players.

      Among all the different Dota 2 platforms that trade skins, CS.Trade has one of the most varied inventories. Chances are that you may find unique items here, which is a plus, especially when you're hunting rare, valuable skins.

      When you trade Dota 2 items, CS.Trade will put its trading bots into play. The bots used by this platform are some of the most reliable ones, so you can trust them to offer you suitable skin choices.

      First-time users can enjoy a nice bonus after they join the website. Also, you do not need to possess high-value items to be able to trade - even low-value ones are accepted.

    • 5. KeyDrop

      KeyDrop is hands down one of the best Dota 2 trading sites out there. It's always active and hosts numerous cool events that keep the community engaged. While the website mainly focuses on CSGO cases, it also lets you make deposits using your items within Dota 2.

      Key-Drop is unique in the way it works. After you log in using your Steam account, you can choose one of the available activities. Now, there are different things you can do. You can join case battles or watch other users' battles, or you can trade skins using the skin changer.

      Deposits on KeyDrop can be made using various methods, including:

      • Trustly
      • PayPal
      • MasterCard
      • Visa
      • Blik

      So far, hundreds of millions of cases have been opened, and with how well the platform is doing, there will surely be many others soon.

    • 6. Loot.Farm

      When they are looking for the best Dota 2 skin trading sites, some people want something more colorful and good-looking, such as What makes this website so great is the fact that it can offer some of the most desired Dota 2 items. However, there is a wide range of skins that you can browse through, so the odds of finding something good are pretty high. is available in 5 languages, making it a good option for people who are not fluent in English. If you want to, you can also change currencies.

      Furthermore, the site lets you use numerous payment options, including:

      • Visa
      • MasterCard
      • PayPal
      • G2A Pay is also one of the Dota 2 trade sites that use high-quality trading bots. So, don't worry - you'll be able to get some cool items if you stick around.

    • 7. Swap.GG

      Swap.GG can give you the skin-trading experience you are looking for when it comes to Dota 2. When you access the website for the first time, you will be greeted by all the popular skins and items.

      One feature that makes Swap.GG one of the best options you could ask for is mobile friendliness. If you are not at home but want to keep trading, you do not need a laptop. You could just grab your smartphone and use Swap.GG immediately.

      On top of that, the website has valuable and less valuable items, allowing everyone to find what they like. Unlike many other Dota 2 skin trading sites, this one has a friendly interface and a bot filter. Also, trading processes are completed instantly.

    • 8. ShadowPay

      If you're looking to buy and sell items for Dota 2, look no further than ShadowPay. Everyone ends up with virtual assets that they no longer need. With ShadowPay, you can enhance your gaming experience by exchanging skins or items you do not want or need anymore with something you'll love and use.

      The site already has millions of users who trade items Dota 2 and CSGO and considering that it has done over 4 million trades already, it's safe to say that it's the type of platform people go back to.

      You can easily trade skins by logging in with your Steam account. Then, you can sort your search results based on cost so you can find skins you can afford.

    • 9. CS.Money

      When you're searching for the best Dota 2 trade site, you'll be happy to find out about CS.Money. First of all, CS.Money is extremely secure. It only lets users with an activated Steam guard authenticator perform exchanges, so you're protected from any dangers.

      Secondly, the overall look of the platform is great. Everything is organized nicely in categories - so, you can easily find what you need. Also, it's easy to choose items on this Dota 2 trading site because it uses superior bots.

      Compared to similar platforms in the trading field, this one has more currency options. And if you ever need to reach out to the customer support service for any problem or question, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The staff is full of industry experts who are willing to help customers.

    • 10. Steam Community Market

      Steam Community Market is the official trading marketplace of the Steam app. So, if you want to play it safe, then this is your best Dota 2 trading platform. It's simple to browse through the available skins and use the market's features.

      This trading platform for Dota 2 is very reliable and secure, and it even features some very rare and valuable skins. It has a pretty standard layout. It may not be the flashiest out there, but finding and trading skins is a piece of cake.

      At the same time, you must know that you have to pay a buyer and seller fee. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to make hard cash withdrawals.

    What Are Dota 2 Trading Sites?

    Trading sites Dota 2 are platforms that allow you to exchange Dota 2 skins for money or other skins. They typically let you sign in using your Steam account, and then present you with all the options you have in terms of skins. With the help of trading bots, they show you the best offers and help you choose your dream skins.

    After trading, the skins you opted for will be found in your inventory. However, you can also trade for money, in which case the money will be in your account following the process.

    Dota 2 trading platforms ensure that you free up your inventory by getting rid of unwanted skins and getting some new, cool ones.

    List of the Dota 2 Trading sites for 2024

    RatingDota 2 Trading sitesBonusThe claim is here
    1stSkinsMonkeyUse the HELLAGOOD get Free $5 for trading and a +35% bonus for real money depositsTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    2ndTradeit.GGUse the hellagood get $5 for Free in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% store discountTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    3rdDMarketGiveaways, Use Free Promo Codes and Reduce CommissionTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    4thCS.TradeUse the TOP100LIST” get extra 45% bonus from your paymentTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    5thShadowPayActivate Link Now and Reduce Fees NowTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    6thLoot.Farm10% chance to get a 1% BONUS cashback from the TOTAL price of the traded itemsTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    7thSwap.GGReceive a 15% bonus on all balance top-upsTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    8thKeyDropUse the gamblecsgo100 get $0.50 for FREE and a +10% for Deposit & Free Daily CaseTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    9thCS.Money30% top-up bonus for each top-up, or a 23% discount for buying skins directly in Store modeTrade Dota 2 Items Now
    10thSteam Community MarketMonthly bonusesTrade Dota 2 Items Now

    Is It Safe to Trade Dota 2 Items on Trading Sites?

    It’s usually safe to trade an item on Dota 2 as long as you are using the right platform. The best websites are encrypted and use safe payment methods to ensure that all clients can make exchanges. Furthermore, these sites let you log in with your official Steam account, and they are available in most locations.

    Your trading experience will be influenced by your location and the platform you settle for. Each site is different and provides a different degree of security, and each jurisdiction has its own laws when it comes to doing trades.

    While trading Dota 2 skins is usually safe, some locations may have stricter laws in regard to Dota 2 trading sites.[1]  On top of that, there are also websites that are not SSL-encrypted, which makes payments quite risky.

    How to Trade Dota 2 Items?

    Usually, trading Dota 2 items is a piece of cake. But if you’re new to this type of trading activity, you may be confused about the process. Luckily, it doesn’t take a long time to master the technique.

    Here are the steps you have to take in order to trade Dota 2 items:

    1. First things first, you should find the best trading sites Dota 2.
    2. After that, log into your account. Generally, you can use your Steam account to log in.
    3. Claim a bonus. Dota 2 trading sites usually have welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses. To claim a bonus, you will first have to log in on the chosen website. Afterward, you should find the promotional code tab, and enter the code into that window. Then, you will receive the free rewards following your deposit. “gamblecsgo100” would be a great code to use for some free cash after your first deposit. Claim these benefits before proceeding with the trade so you can use them on your first experience.
    4. Go to the trading bot and sort the skins available to show you the best options.
    5. Choose the skin you want to get rid of and the skin you want to receive in return.
    6. Do the trade and enjoy your new skin.

    How to trade on CS.Trade

    Bonuses and Promotions on the Best Dota 2 Trading Sites

    You will notice that lots of Dota 2 trading sites offer bonuses and promotions for their users. For instance, some sites give bonuses in the form of free cases and money.

    In many situations, you will have to make a money deposit in order to gain access to any form of bonus or promotion. In other instances, you can receive money when you’re making your first trade.

    For example, CS.Trade offers up to $10 when you make your very first trade.

    Sometimes, platforms also have limited-time offers that provide money and free cases for their users. You just need to be there at the right time to take advantage of these bonuses.

    When you replenish your deposit on some websites, you may also get an extra deposit bonus. For instance, with a promo code like “GAMBLE-CSGO”, you’ll be able to get $0.55 for free and 10% for the deposit you make. Other codes, such as “csgo-hella” or “hellag” offer similar bonuses when making your deposit. The rewards can be used when you trade.

    Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds on Dota 2 Trading Sites

    Each trading site for Dota 2 will have its own payment methods. Some websites offer more options than others, in which case you will have more methods to choose from. This also depends on whether the site allows you to trade skins in exchange for money or if it only focuses on skins.

    Generally speaking, some of the deposit and withdrawal options you can use include:

    • Credit/Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
    • Virtual wallets (PayPal)
    • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.)

    All in all, there is no shortage of deposit and withdrawal options on the available platforms.

    Cashouts & deposits on Dmarket

    What to Consider When Choosing Dota 2 Trading Websites?

    Dota 2 trade items can be obtained safely and conveniently. Still, for this, you must choose the best website. But how can you do that? Here are a few aspects you must consider when doing your research:


    You don’t want something with high buying or selling fees. In order to save some money while trading, it’s crucial to find an option with lower fees. It’s a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.


    People who have already used a trading platform will be the best ones to tell you how good or safe a site is. That being said, you should check reviews and see whether most of them are positive or negative.

    Trustpilot is one of the best options for checking reviews. Most people talk about their experience there and it’s also a place where platforms cannot manipulate reviews and ratings.

    Skin Variety

    Depending on the reason for trading the skins, you may want to be able to choose from as many items as possible. In this case, platforms with a vast Dota2 trade market are the best option.

    How We Test Dota 2 Trading Websites?

    When we choose Dota 2 trading sites for review, we take a look at certain aspects, including:

    Customer Service

    Whenever a customer experiences problems, they must be able to reach out to the customer support team in an instant. Also, the team should respond quickly and offer the necessary help.

    Safety and Security

    Nobody wants a shady platform. We always make sure the sites let you trade through Steam before recommending them, and that they are SSL-encrypted and offer secure payment methods.

    Trade Bots

    Trading bots make the trading experience better. We always check if a trading site uses them for the exchange process.

    Dota 2 items on Shadowpay

    The Main Pros and Cons of Dota 2 Trading Platforms

    Trading on the Dota 2 items market has both benefits and drawbacks. Most traders will only notice the benefits, especially if they always get new and cool skins. Before you get started, you must also be aware of the cons.

    Take a look at the pros and cons of Dota 2 trading platforms:


    • 👍 You can always browse new skins and find something great and valuable
    • 👍 It helps you get rid of items that fill up your inventory
    • 👍 You can make a profit if you sell the skins for money
    • 👍 Some platforms offer cool bonuses and promotions
    • 👍 Trading Dota 2 skins lets you have some fun
    • 👍 It’s perfectly legal


    • 👎 Some websites are scams
    • 👎 You may come across buying and selling fees


    Finding the best Dota 2 trading sites might not be that simple, but it’s a must if you want to avoid any risks. There are too many unsafe options out there, so you must spend your time trying to find a platform that is trustworthy and secure. What’s even better is that you may even be able to enjoy some bonuses out of that.

    When researching the different platforms available for Dota 2 trading, you must pay attention to a few aspects, such as:

    • Fees
    • Customer service
    • Skin variety
    • Security
    • Payment methods
    • Trading bots

    This way, you will surely be able to select a website that offers you everything you need. We’ve also come to your aid and compiled a list of trustworthy Dota 2 trading websites. The choices above are the best trading sites out there, so one of them should definitely be up your alley.


    • Are Dota 2 trading websites legal?

      In most parts of the world, it is perfectly legal to get involved with Dota 2 trade items. You can use skin-trading websites and you will not be in trouble for that. At the same time, anyone who intends to trade Dota 2 skins must check the regulations and restrictions in their areas.

      In some parts of the world, platforms that let you trade your items and skins may not be usable, so you wouldn't be able to trade. It's very important to do some research and check the situation in the area you live in.

    • What is the best Dota 2 trading website?

      It's difficult to pinpoint one Dota 2 item trade platform that surpasses competitors in all aspects. Understandably, everyone is looking for the best trading sites, but there's no definitive answer regarding which website sits in the first position.

      The perfect trading platform for Dota 2 will depend on your preferences. You must find one that meets all your requirements. That being said, it must offer convenient payment methods, have low fees, make withdrawals easy and fast, have good customer service, and offer a wide range of skins.

      Some top websites include:

      • SkinsMonkey

      • Tradeit.GG

      • DMarket

      • CS.Trade

      • ShadowPay

      • Loot.Farm

      • Swap.GG

      • KeyDrop

      • CS.Money

      • Steam Community Market

    • How do Dota 2 trading bots work?

      When you research Dota 2 trading sites for the first time, you may notice that several of them use trading bots. Before you even use a website and its bots, you must understand how they work.

      Trading bots allow you to trade Dota 2 skins automatically. They will make you offers based on your preferences and make it easy to exchange skins. That being said, websites with trading bots ensure that their clients do not have to wait too long to get their hands on cool skins - through bots, the transactions can take place quickly and safely.

    • What are the most popular Dota 2 skins?

      Dota 2 has a lot of cool skins. People prefer different items depending on the aesthetic they are going for. Other times, it's less about looks and more about the value or rarity of the skin.

      But when you perform Dota 2 items trade, you may want to go for the most popular options. Fortunately, you have plenty of choices. Some of the most popular skins you can find are:

      • Phantom Assassin

      • Spectre

      • Shadow Field

      • Phoenix

      • Templar Assassin

      • Reaper’s Wrath

      • Fiend

      • Righteous Thunderbolt

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