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    Rocket League Trading Sites in June 2024

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    • 1. CS.Trade

      CS.Trade may not be specifically a Rocket League trading site, as it's focused on CS:GO and other games. However, it's a good way to get a taste of what Rocket League trading could be like. CS.Trade lets you see the items in your inventory easily so you can choose what you want to trade and what you would like to receive. You can sort items based on their price, name, description, and best float.

      The platform makes trading very convenient and offers various payment options. That being said, you can choose from Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Trustly, Qiwi, Skrill, Neosurf, Blik, Paysafecard, and others.

      CS.Trade has done over 2 million trades so far, and its safety makes it such an inspiration for people who like trading Rocket League items.

    • 2. SkinsMonkey

      SkinsMonkey is a platform for trading and exchanging skins. It is designed for fans of CS:GO, Rust, and Dota 2. Users are offered more than 15 interface languages and more than 20 settlement currencies. You can always choose English and indicate dollars for transactions. Newcomers are given a bonus of up to $5 for the first exchange. The size of the presentation depends on the cost of the skin and does not require replenishment of the balance.

      More than 2,500 exchanges have been made on the platform, and it has about 1,500 registered users. The main deposit and withdrawal methods include:

      • bank cards;
      • e-systems: Webmoney, Skrill, Qiwi;
      • cryptocurrency wallets: Binance, Ethereum, Dogecoin.

      The rating of the service on is 4.7.

    • 3. SkinCashier

      SkinCashier is another website where you trade with no commission, saving money in the process. SkinCashier has bonuses for people who cash out and who want to do some trading on Rocket League.

      Now, since this website is doing mainly CSGO and Rust trading, you have to log in using your Steam account. Then, you can simply browse your inventory and select the items that you would like to sell in exchange for money or other items.

      What's great about SkinCashier is that the process is instant, which means that once you accept the trade, you will immediately gain access to your winnings.

      Payments can be made using PayPal. The website is very easy to use thanks to its accessible design, and you will always have an easy time finding the desired items on the platform.

    • 4. DMarket

      DMarket is the platform you should settle for if you want to experience good Rocket League trading prices and many trading benefits. The website has giveaways, and it also reduces commissions and offers promo codes to its users.

      What makes DMarket stand out among the competition is the fact that it lets users take advantage of cryptocurrencies for trades. Players can even use the blockchain and NFT marketplace to perform operations.

      The site is amazing as it just feels nice to navigate through the well-designed pages. The marketplace is populated, and the platform has closed more than 23 million deals.

      What's even better is that the CSGO and Rocket League trading site has a mobile application, which means that you can also trade when you're away from home.

    • 5. CSGO500 (500Casino)

      CSGO500 (500Casino) is a platform owned by Perfect Storm B.V. It operates under a Curaçao license. The site combines casino games, sportsbooks, and projects with fast results. The latter includes Crash, Plinko, and Dice. Users are offered more than 10 interface languages, which eliminates problems with the perception of information. At the start, you can choose English, German, etc.

      The site provides not only a wide range of games but also a well-thought-out bonus program. You have access to:

      • welcome bonus;
      • rakeback;
      • VIP -program.

      Additionally, you can participate in the referral system to receive incentives for inviting new users. The platform rating on is 4.6.

    • 6. SkinSwap

      SkinSwap is a popular platform for buying/selling and exchanging skins for CS:GO and RUST fans. The site has more than 30,000 registered users and more than 50,000 transactions. You are offered 10 interface languages and the same number of currencies (you can choose English and dollars). Registration is performed via Steam. As for financial transactions, the most popular systems are offered to users, including:

      • bank and gift cards;
      • PayPal service;
      • cryptocurrency wallets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin).

      Daily and weekly drawings are held to distribute free skins. All registered users can participate in them. The platform's rating on is 4.4.

    • 7. CSGOEmpire

      CSGOEmpire is one of the most popular sites for playing CS:GO roulette. Other entertainment options are also available here, for instance, CoinFlip and sports betting. The interface of the platform is translated into 17 languages, including English and German. The following methods are offered for financial transactions:

      • CS:GO skins;
      • gift cards and bank cards;
      • Skrill, Neteller, Astropay services;
      • cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum.

      The site provides free cases to new users, as well as daily in-game coins to all registered visitors. There is also a referral system with incentives of 30% of each bet of the attracted participant. The site's rating on is 3.8.

    • 8. CS.Money

      CS.Money is here to serve you if you are interested in some item trading Rocket League. CS.Money has a 7% commission, but the platform offers numerous discounts and bonuses, making trading more convenient.

      The advantage of CS.Money is that it ensures that you do not have to wait too long to trade. Everything happens very fast, which means that you can also get your hands on your favorite items in no time. Furthermore, CS.Money has an incredible skin collection, and it also has bots that take care of the trading process and make great offers.

      This is one of the trading websites for Rocket League where you can also use cryptocurrencies if you want to. What's even better is that the site can be used on mobile as well, so you can take your trades with you wherever you go.

    • 9. Clash.GG

      Clash.GG is a platform owned by Rust Clash Entertainment Ltd. Its activities are carried out under the permits issued by Cyprus, and therefore all processes are absolutely legal. Seven interface languages are available to users, including English, German, and Spanish. Games with fast results are offered for your leisure time, such as

      • Jackpot;
      • Roulette;
      • Mines;
      • Crash.

      Additionally, you can purchase and open cases, as well as improve the available skins. Daily races are launched to attract users' attention, and if you win, you will receive in-game currency. The rating of the platform on is 3.8, and the basis was more than 170 user reviews.

    • 10. DaddySkins

      DaddySkins is a platform for buying, opening cases and improving skins. The site has over 1.7 million registered users, which indicates its popularity. You are offered five interface languages and more than 140 methods of cryptocurrency transfers. Over 2.7 million successful upgrades have been performed during the site's operation. Financial transactions are carried out via the following methods:

      • CS:GO skins;
      • Visa/Mastercard;
      • Neosurf, Neteller, and Trustly;
      • crypto wallets: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Tether.

      The site has daily, weekly, and monthly prize drawings. The longer the waiting period, the cooler the skin. Users are offered a referral system with rewards of 2-10% of funds deposited by invited players. The rating of the platform on is 3.6.

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    About Rocket League

    Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game. It is available on platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, macOS, and PlayStation 4. This game is unique because while it involves soccer, it is not the soccer we are used to – it’s played with cars. The teams are formed by vehicles that all drive across the field to hit the giant ball and strike a goal.

    Rocket League was developed and published by Psyonix and became popular quickly. Up to 8 players can participate in a game, and they can customize their cars before the match begins. Rocket League got so big that it had over 40 million players by 2018. Now, it’s a beloved eSport, with many professional players participating in Rocket League tournaments.

    Popular Rocket League Items and How to Get Them

    Rocket League always has some amazing items for its players. Items are rated based on their price, rarity, and design, but there are always some in-game items that will be popular, including:

    • Halo Topper
    • Hypernova Rocket Boost
    • Infinium Wheels
    • Titanium White Octane Car Body
    • Gold Rush Rocket Boost

    Some of these items are rewards that players get from participating in certain events. Others can be purchased using credits, and the cost is different on each platform.

    If you are lucky enough, you can also get these items by doing Rocket League online trading. But for this to be possible, you need to find the best Rocket League trading sites.

    What Is the Best Thing to Use the Rocket League Trading System for?

    You must learn how to get trading on Rocket League if you want your trading experience to pay off. That being said, you must know what to use the trading system of the game for.

    The best thing you can use the Rocket League Trading System for is rare items. Sometimes, certain items can only be obtained during specific times, or you have to participate in events to be able to get them. Others can be very rare, which boosts their Rocket League trading price. But if you trade, it’s easier to get your hands on these rare items.

    The trading system can also be used for credits that can get you amazing items.

    cstrade promo

    How to Trade Skins on Rocket League Trading Sites?

    So, how do you start trading Rocket League trading items on different platforms? The process may be different depending on the site that you use, but overall, it has some standard steps that you should follow. Here is how the trading process for Rocket League skins usually goes:

    1. First, you should research the best Rocket League trading site.
    2. The account creation process begins, and then you log into your account.
    3. You browse through the available skins, trying to find something that you like.
    4. Then, you select what you are offering in exchange for the desired item.
    5. You perform the trade and receive your rewards.

    How to Choose the Best Site to Trade Rocket League Skins?

    In order to choose the best trading Rocket League sites, you might need some guidance. There are several features you should pay attention to before making your choice, and these include:

    • Website Security – The platform that you choose must have SSL encryption and be legal and reliable.
    • Pricing – You do not want to settle for something with high fees. Do your research until you find a website with good pricing.
    • Item Variety – A good website will have a multitude of Rocket League trading items to choose from.
    • Good Customer Service – When you reach out to customer support, you want to receive help quickly. So, customer service should be available 24/7.

    Methods of Making a Deposit on Rocket League Trading Sites

    The process of making deposits on trading sites for Rocket League will be different depending on the platform. Now, some will let you log into your Rocket League account and browse through your inventory to offer one of your own items in exchange for something else.

    However, on other trading websites Rocket League, you can make deposits using well-known payment methods, such as:

    • PayPal
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • Dogecoin
    • Ethereum
    • Paysafecard

    The method you choose should be the one that is the most convenient or accessible to you. For this reason, you should always spend a lot of time researching until you find the platform that provides you with everything that you need.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of Rocket League Trading Sites

    Using trading sites Rocket League comes with its pros and cons. Before you start trading, you should know what you are getting into, so here is what you’ll get:


    • 👍 You can easily browse through your inventory until you find items that you can trade
    • 👍 It offers the possibility to find rare items that you may have desired for a long time
    • 👍 You can join a large community of traders as some platforms let you chat with other users
    • 👍 Trading items can make Rocket League more fun
    • 👍 Trading will help you develop your strategy-making skills


    • 👎 It takes time to find top Rocket League trading sites
    • 👎 It’s easy to stumble upon scams


    Finding a good Rocket League trading platform requires a Rocket League trading guide that prepares you for the process. There are many trading sites you can use for Rocket League, and some of them also offer skin and item trading for other games. As you perform these trades, you will have the opportunity to obtain rare or cool items that will make your gaming experience more fun.

    Some of the best websites out there include:

    • DMarket
    • SkinWallet
    • BitSkins
    •, and more

    But don’t hesitate to do more research using our guide and always take pricing, item variety, security, and customer support into account.


    • What is the best RL trading site?

      The best trading sites Rocket League are different for everyone. For some individuals, the greatest platforms are the ones that offer multiple bonuses, while others look for websites with low trading fees or with a large variety of items. So, what is good for one person may not be that good for another.

      That being said, there are certainly some Rocket League trading sites that have an advantage over other platforms. Among the best websites for Rocket League trades, we have:

      • CSGORoll

      • CS.Trade


      • DMarket


      • BitSkins, and many others

      All of these sites can offer a superior trading experience in Rocket League.
    • Is it legal to trade on Rocket League websites?

      Psyonix declared that doing trades outside of the Rocket League game puts players at great risk. They do not encourage selling items for real money. Now, trading can also be done in the game between actual players, and this is a much safer process. But if the players trade outside-game, there's not a lot that Psyonix can do about it.

      At the same time, many trustworthy platforms let you do Rocket-League trading outside the game, and they are perfectly legal and reliable. But before you start trading, it's always best to check the laws about trading in your area. Not only that, but people who are doing these trades are unlikely to be discovered.

    • How do I get free credits in RL?

      Rocket League credits can be bought from third-party platforms or directly in the game. However, there are also some ways to obtain them for free if you find the right methods. Now, you have to bear in mind that you're not always guaranteed to get credits for free, so it's important to spend some time doing research.

      You can get free credits in Rocket League by doing Rocket League item trading. You can trade many things, including free drops. Obviously, you need to send invites to players you want to trade with. Also, before you do the trade, you must agree to the trade's details. Otherwise, you will probably experience some unpleasant situations.

    • What do I need to start trading on the Rocket League sites?

      If you want to start trading on the Rocket League sites, here is what you should do:

      • 1

        Make sure that you are an active Rocket League player.

      • 2

        Check your inventory to ensure that you have any items you could trade with other Rocket League players.

      • 3

        Ensure that your Epic Games account has two-factor authentication.

      • 4

        If you don’t have one, open a bank account and get a card. This will be necessary for deposits or withdrawals.

      • 5

        Do your research until you find trustworthy and legit Rocket League trading sites.

      • 6

        Log into your account on the chosen platform, select the items you want to offer and receive, and start trading.

    Author: Andreea Lavorenciuc

    Updated on: 13.06.2024