Best CS2 / CS:GO skins Upgrade sites in 2024

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    Exclusive CS2 / CS:GO Skin Upgrade Sites You Should Look Into

    • Best choice
      Code: GAMBLE-CSGO

      Receive Daily Free Case + Rakeback

      Monthly visits: 3 200 000
    • 2
      Code: hellag

      Get +60% of Deposit to Bonus Balance, Minimal Deposit 0.5$

      Monthly visits: 78 414
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      Code: Hella200

      Get 200% Welcome or Deposit Bonus up to $3000

      Monthly visits: 94 480 000
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      Code: HELGO

      Use this promo code now to earn 3 Free Cases and a 5% bonus on all cash deposits.

      Monthly visits: 4 500 000
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      Code: HELLA

      Get 5 free Case Keys

      Monthly visits: 1 294 000
    • Best choice
      Code: HellaUSA

      25 Stake Cash + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% rakeback

      Monthly visits: 35 010 000
    • Best choice
      Code: top100list

      Get +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours

      Monthly visits: 712 700
    • Best choice
      Code: Gamble100

      Get for Free +8% deposit bonus

      Monthly visits: 83 342
    • Best choice
      Code: hella

      Receive $0.9 for free + 2 Free Cases & a first deposit bonus of 10%

      Monthly visits: 86 048
    • Best choice
      Code: gamblecsgo100

      Apply code and get $0.50 for FREE and a +10% for Deposit & Free Daily Case

      Monthly visits: 1 944 000
      • 1. CSGORoll

        CSGORoll is a CSGO Upgrade gambling site where players can wager CSGO skins while playing their favorite games: Roll, Crash, Plinko, Unboxing, Dice, Case Battles, you name it - CSGORoll has them all! Such a variety, coupled with its easy-to-navigate interface, makes it an easy recommendation for newbies.

        CSGORoll is quite popular as a skins Upgrade site and is highly trusted among the CSGO community. It is also partnered up with huge entities like G2 Esports, which partly explains why the site is able to offer expensive giveaways. CSGORoll also offers up to a 10% affiliate bonus, which users can avail of by referring one of their friends.

      • 2. DatDrop

        DatDrop is one of the best CSGO Upgrade sites on the internet, where gamers can upgrade their roughed-up CSGO skins for new, shiny ones. After making their account via Steam, players can both watch and participate in high-stake Battle Royales and Battle Openings. Moreover, since the site's interface is straightforward, players can easily glide to different games and entertain themselves as much as they like.

        DatDrop is also a secure CSGO Upgrade site because it uses a provably fair algorithm for all its games. The site even shares its algorithm, which players can access to check the source code and even verify the roll number for any particular upgrade.

      • 3. Farmskins

        Farmskins is considered a very welcoming hub where anyone can Upgrade CSGO skins, both old and new. With more than 134,140,710 cases opened, Farmskins offers a variety of skin cases, including CSGO Legacy, Farm Cases, and Streak Edition. The onsite store, also known as the Gaben Store, hosts cashback giveaways that lucky players can take full advantage of.

        The website has a very artistic design with vivid animations that tend to quickly hook new players, compelling them to stick around longer. Aside from that, Farmskins, as a CSGO Upgrader site, offers a wide variety of methods for deposits and withdrawals, including fiat and cryptocurrency.

      • 4. KeyDrop

        KeyDrop is a reputable and trustworthy skin Upgrade CSGO site with more than 11,600,000 users registered. With more than 269,700,00 case openings assisted, KeyDrop has also accommodated more than 128,700,00 upgrades to players. If anything, these statistics reflect how KeyDrop is a secure and trusted upgrading CSGO site among gamers.

        The user-friendly interface allows users to see live skin drops on the site at the top of the page. More specifically, by clicking on the Best Drop option, players can see all the top skin drops happening live on the site and can wager for the skin they like right away. Furthermore, with KeyDrop, players can win FREE Gold and daily cases by signing up on the website.

      • 5. DaddySkins

        DaddySkins allows customers to Upgrade CSGO skins at the best prices in the market. Moreover, unlike other CSGO Upgrade sites, DaddySkins provides users the option to exchange skins. All players need to do is upload their unwanted skins from the inventory and get desirable skins instantly from each other. Furthermore, DaddySkins hosts hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways, which players can enter by depositing a tiny amount into their account.

        The website interface has a simple design, which makes it easier for a new player to access all of its many options. The menu bar on the left side of the page highlights all the features, like Cases, Arenas, Gunfights, and Giveaways, Top Wins, Partnerships, and Exchange.

      • 6. Clash.GG

        Clash.GG is one of the best CSGO Upgrade gambling sites where players can play many mainstream casino games like Battles, Jackpot, Roulette, Mines, Crash, Cases, and Upgrader. Seeing how this website offers a large number of casino games, it's no surprise to see that Clash.GG has quickly gained traction among CSGO gambling enthusiasts.

        In addition to multiple games, Clash.GG hosts a daily 10,000 coins race. All players can wager as many points as they like, but the chances of winning are higher when you place multiple bets. Moreover, Clash.GG also provides FREE rewards and bonuses to its users. For example, players can avail of a 5% bonus on their deposits alongside a free case plus rakeback by using the code hellagood.

      • 7. RustClash

        RustClash is a CSGO Upgrade gambling site that provides an array of online CSGO casino games for gamers, including Battles, Upgrader, Jackpot, Plinko, Roulette, Mines, and Cases. Moreover, an interesting reason why the site has reached such a large audience is because it is simply amazing to look at!

        Unlike most Upgrade CSGO sites, RustClash upholds the ideal that users should have the ability to choose items for their own cases. This manifests in the form of their Case Creation option and is called as such since it allows players to create their own skin cases with skins of their choice.

      • 8. is one of the few CSGO Upgrade skins geared towards facilitating gamers with their desirable skins by not only offering a nicely interfaced upgrading feature but charging them cheap rates if they want to skip the risky aspect. Players can also try their luck by opening skin cases, and if they are lucky, they can win expensive items at cheap prices.

        As stated, is known for its fair prices - in fact, among all CSGO skin Upgrade websites, they have the cheapest skins you can find anywhere, as prices start as low as a dollar. Moreover, The customer support center features multiple pieces of guidelines that customers can go to if they face any issues while doing transactions.

      • 9. Skinclub

        Skinclub is one of the case-opening CSGO skin Upgrade sites that provide tons of CS:GO cases, including Battle Cases, YouTube cases, and Classics, to its users. If you are a fan of in-game stickers and love spraying new stickers all over the walls, then Skinclub is the best site for you. Here, you can find rare sticker capsules at the best possible prices.

        The unique feature of Skinclub is that the website features ten languages. The languages include German, Vietnamese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. Moreover, at Skinclub, Steam bots carry out all trades and transactions, making the site one of the most secure online CSGO platforms.

      • 10. WTFSkins

        WTFSkins is a CSGO Upgrade gambling site that features casino games like Crash, Roulette, Cases, and Jackpot. On this website, players can try their luck and play the site's most popular game, Roulette, which can win them hundreds of points. The Roulette round starts every 13 seconds with a 2-second break between each round so players can compose themselves and place their bets.

        WTFSkins also hosts giveaways in a relatively unique fashion. Unlike other sites, where players need to deposit money, at WTFSkins, users need to retweet the Twitter posts to enter the giveaway, which features items like knife skins, bullets, and gun skins. The giveaway results are posted on Twitter and the website under the WTF Legends option, along with their prize's picture.

      What Are CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites?

      CSGO Upgrade sites are online platforms curated for CS:GO fanatics where they can enjoy playing similarly themed games, including casino games and slot games. These upgrade sites provide gamers with an exclusive online experience and allow them to win skins and in-store coins.

      Furthermore, CSGO skins Upgrade sites provide a platform to players that allows them to upgrade their old and shabby skins into brand-new rare ones. Mainly, the reason why such websites are so popular among CSGO fans is that they can upgrade any in-game item in exchange for a new one without directly dumping money into it.

      Best CS2 / CS:GO upgrade sites in 2024

      RatingCS2 / CS:GO upgrade sitesBonusThe claim is here
      1stCSGORollUse the GAMBLE-CSGO get 3 cases for Free and a +5% Cash Deposit BonusGet now
      2ndDatDropUse the top100list get +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hoursGet now
      3rdFarmskinsUse the gamblecsgo get $1 for free, Daily Free BonusGet now
      4thKeyDropUse the gamblecsgo100” get $0.50 for FREE and a +10% for Deposit & Free Daily CaseGet now
      5thDaddySkinsUse the gamble100 get +8% for a First Deposit BonusGet now
      6thClash.GGUse the hellagood Receive Daily Free Case + Rakeback + and a +5% Deposit BonusGet now
      7thRustClashUse the HELLAGOOO” for Unlock 24 hour Daily Free Case + Rakeback and a +5% Deposit BonusGet now
      8thR1-skins.comUse the hella get $0.9 for free, and bonus + 10% to the first depositGet now
      9thSkinclubUse the GAMBLE-CSGO get +20% bonus to your paymentGet now
      10thWTFSkinsUse the wtfskinscsgo100 get $0.25 gems for FreeGet now

      Types Of CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites

      There are many kinds of free CSGO Upgrade sites, including gambling and case-opening sites. Most of the time, both sites offer users the option to exchange and upgrade skins. But if players are interested in only upgrading their skin, they can take the gambling route and can wager skins to get a better ones in exchange.

      • CS:GO gambling sites. These sites provide an online casino to the players where they can choose to play from a wide variety of games. Crash, Plinko, Roulette, Jackpot, and Mines are a few examples of these casino games. Players can reap different kinds of rewards from these games, with new skins being one of them.
      • Case opening sites are another type of CSGO skin Upgrade sites. These websites allow users to open CS:GO skin cases to win exciting new weapon skins. The best part is that the prices of these cases start from as low as $1, so the risks are not high, but the rewards can be astronomical.

      Don’t forget that we have compiled a list of ten of the best CS:GO upgrade sites you should definitely consider first!

      Clash.GG site

      Is it legal to use CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites?

      There are many illegal Upgrade skin CSGO sites available online.  These unlicensed websites are known for scamming customers into buying overpriced skins or, in some cases, committing fraud by accepting deposits but not allowing the customers to withdraw skins.

      Accessing a legal CSGO skin Upgrader site is totally safe – in fact, every website on our list is completely legal, from CSGORoll to WTFSkins. However,  trying to access and do transactions on an unlicensed CSGO website is considered illegal and can be prosecuted. In many countries, such as the USA and Netherlands, online gambling is outlawed, so if you try to access even a licensed site from these countries, you will be liable to prosecution and hefty fines.

      If you are thinking of VPNs, you are totally mistaken. Using a VPN will allow you to access illegal CSGO websites, but remember you are always at risk of getting caught, and if you do, you will have to face charges according to the country’s law.

      How Do CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites Work?

      CSGO Upgrader websites allow players to upgrade skins by wagering skins against the skins they want. The procedure is generally the same, with a few variations here and there – here’s an example of what it could look like:

      1. Firstly, sign up by creating an account on the website.
      2. Once you have done that, it is time to deposit your skin through your Steam inventory.
      3. Now, you need to select the skin you want. It could be an expensive skin or a rare one.
      4. After you have decided which skin you want, it is time to wager your skin against the skin you want. Click on the Upgrade button and wait for a few seconds.
      5. You can now withdraw your skin into your Steam account and use it while playing CSGO.
      6. Don’t forget to avail some promo codes to kickstart your journey! Try code HELLA5 to get a free daily case, some rakeback, and a 5% deposit bonus!

      How You Can Get Free Credits at CS2 / CS:GO Skins Upgrade Sites?

      CSGO skin Upgrade sites offer many different ways to earn free in-store credits. For example, players can use promo codes, enter free giveaways, recommend their friends to join the website and apply for other bonuses.

      • CSGO websites like Clash.GG offers up to a 10% bonus on deposits. All you need to do is deposit money into your account and apply the promo code; a percentage of your deposit is added to your account. For example, the code csgocatalog gives a 5% deposit bonus alongside a free daily case and rakeback.
      • CSGO skin Upgrade websites like Farmskins allow users to enter giveaways free of charge. Simply refill your account balance and click the join now button to participate in a hundred dollars worth of giveaways.
      • Players can ask their friends to make an account and a deposit using the code given by the website. Upon doing so, both you and your friend will get a FREE 5-10% bonus credit and free cases.

      Farmskins site

      Bonus, Promotions, and Giveaways at CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites

      Upgrade skins CSGO websites offer hundreds of bonuses, promotions, and giveaways for its users.

      Bonuses are rewards that CSGO sites offer their users for making deposits, good performance, or engaging some sort of affiliate/referral program. For example:

      • R1-Skins offers a very generous sign up bonus of two free cases and an extra $0.9
      • CSGORoll allows players to earn 10% on the deposits of their referred friends

      Promotions are marketing strategies in which CSGO sites hold contests to engage more users. By entering these promotions, players get a reward as an incentive, for example

      • Clash.GG offers a 10,000 coins race, which players can enter daily by simply wagering coins.
      • KeyDrop is currently holding the Vikings Event with limited-time games like Pair to Pair where you have match two identical Viking Cards to win!

      Giveaways are promotion strategies in which players get incentives for following simple steps. For example:

      • On CSGORoll, players can enter a giveaway by getting a ticket from their onsite store.
      • Farmskins holds frequent giveaways, known as Gaben’s giveaways while specifying the prized skins in question.

      Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites

      All CSGO Upgrade skins websites are online platforms where CSGO skins are considered to be a legitimate currency, thus allowing users to deposit and withdraw in the form of in-game skins. Many websites also offer users other options for deposit and withdrawal, like fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

      Fiat Currency: Players can deposit cash from their fiat accounts, and the website will convert them into coins. Players can use these coins to play games, buy skins and other in-game items from the site’s store, and even purchase skins directly from other players. Common flat currencies supported by most websites include:

      • 💳 PayPal
      • 💳 VISA
      • 💳 MasterCard
      • 💳 Zen
      • 💳 Trustly

      CryptoCurrency: Many players prefer performing online transactions in cryptocurrencies, which is why most CSGO Upgrades sites offer cryptocurrency options for deposits and withdrawals. Among the many cryptocurrencies supported by these websites, you are sure to find support for the following:

      • 💰 Bitcoin
      • 💰 Ethereum
      • 💰 Litecoin
      • 💰 Dogecoin

      How to choose the best sites for CS2 / CS:GO Updates?

      Choosing the best skin Upgrade sites CS:GO can be tiresome. That is why we have created a list of points that can help you select the most suitable site.

      • Availability of Games: Upgrading skins can get tedious if you do not play any games. That is why you should always opt for sites that offer your favorite games.
      • Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal: Choose skin Upgrade CSGO sites that allow you to deposit your skin from the Steam account inventory and let you withdraw upgraded skin into your account.
      • Website Legitimacy: Always opt for CSGO Upgrade sites with a valid license. Many unlicensed sites deal under the table and can cost you money while fighting legal battles, should you choose to pursue them that far.
      • Bonuses, Giveaways, and promotions: Pick CSGO Upgrade sites with free coins, meaning choose sites that offer users free coins by giving FREE rewards and giveaways.
      • P2P Trading Option: P2P skin Upgrade sites CSGO allow players to trade skins with other players.

      Skinclub site

      Pros and Cons of CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites

      CSGO sites with Upgrade option have many advantages and disadvantages, which players should know beforehand to make an informed decision.


      • 👍 CSGO upgrading sites are a great source of entertainment, as players can play many casino and slot games.
      • 👍 Upgrade skins CSGO allows players to upgrade their old skins with better and newer skins with a simple wagering game.
      • 👍 Players can win big free rewards from bonuses, which they can cash out not just in skins but even in cryptocurrency and real money.
      • 👍 Upgrading sites also have online skin stores, so you can always treat yourself to new shiny skins if your gambling luck isn’t particularly strong.


      • 👎 CSGO Upgrade sites with free coins can be addictive for many people with a gambling history.
      • 👎 As many sites are unlicensed and are known for fraud and scams, some players can fall victim to these websites.
      • 👎 Most upgrading sites do not offer casino games, so you have to make accounts on different websites to play them.


      If you are tired of your old CSGO skin or want the new skin your buddy keeps flaunting, then visiting the best CSGO Upgrade gambling sites should be your first choice. Skins Upgrade sites are the best place for upgrading your old skins into your favorite ones, which is why we have compiled a list of the best CSGO Upgrade sites in 2023 to help you narrow down the perfect site for yourself. Whichever website you end up choosing, don’t forget to take full advantage of their promo codes to kickstart your journey!


      • How To Upgrade CS2 / CSGO Skins?

        To upgrade CSGO skins, follow these simple steps:

        • 1

          Firstly, create your account on a free CS2 / CSGO Upgrade site and add the skin you want to upgrade to the inventory.

        • 2

          Now that you have selected the skin you want to upgrade, it is time to choose the skin you want in exchange.

        • 3

          After you have wagered your skin, press the CS2 / CSGO skin Upgrader button and wait a few seconds, and the skin will be added to your inventory.

        • 4

          If you are satisfied with your new upgraded skin, you can keep it, but if you are not, you can re-upgrade it, exchange it, or sell it.

        • 5

          Lastly, you can withdraw the earnings through fiat and cryptocurrency platforms offered on the website.

      • Are CS2 / CSGO Upgrade sites legal?

        Yes, Upgrade skin CSGO sites are legal if they have a valid license to operate in the jurisdiction. However, many websites function without a government license, making them illegal to visit by the users. Steer clear of these websites, as they often scam you out of your money by either overpricing skins or simply not letting you withdraw your winnings.

        Using a VPN is also illegal, and if you are thinking of using it to visit illegal CSGO websites, you should think twice before doing it. No matter how secure your VPN connection is, you are always at risk of getting caught by the government.

      • Should I use promo codes for CS2 / CSGO Upgrade sites?

        Yes, you can and should always use promo codes on best Upgrade sites CSGO. For instance, RushClash has promo codes like:

        • HELLAGOOD: Avail for a 24-hour free case alongside rakeback

        • CSGO10: Claim to unlock a free case and rakeback over the next 24 hours

        These promo codes are safe to use and a great way of availing of the free bonus. Moreover, many sites even offer giveaways, which you can enter free of charge, mostly. So, always register for free giveaways and avail of free promo codes because free stuff is always better.
      • What are the popular deposit methods accepted by CS2 / CSGO Upgrade sites?

        CSGO sites with Upgrade options have different ways of depositing and withdrawing skins. The most common ones are as following: Cryptocurrency, which is backed by several encryption algorithms and blockchain technology to keep data secure and protected from the outside world. Common cryptocurrencies supported include:

        • Bitcoin

        • Ethereum

        • Litecoin

        • Dogecoin

        Another popular method of depositing skins in CSGO upgrading sites is via a Steam account. Players link their Steam account with the website and directly transfer skins from their inventory. Of course, for those who are loosely acquainted with relatively modern transactional mediums like cryptocurrency, these websites often support flat currencies like:

        • PayPal

        • VISA

        • MasterCard

        • Zen

        • Trustly

      Author: Syed Arham

      Updated on: 23.06.2024