Best Sites to Buy RUST Skins in 2024

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    Sites to Buy RUST Skins in 2024 with Low Fees

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    • 1. DMarket

      DMarket is a platform that provides services to users who are of legal age. Here you can buy or sell RUST/Dota 2/CS:GO/TF2 skins, view match broadcasts, and activate games with quick results. The work of the platform is based on blockchain technology, which provides a high level of security. DMarket rating at is 4.6.

      Some of the main advantages of the platform include:

      1. over 11 million skins on the market;
      2. more than 23 million closed transactions;
      3. availability of the mobile application for Android/iOS;
      4. variability of payment methods;
      5. the possibility of selling skins in bulk.

      Users are offered to register via Steam, Twitter, MetaMask, Twitch, or email to use the site's functionality. All content is translated into 11 languages, including English, German, and Polish. There are about 20 payment systems on the site. You can choose Visa/Mastercard, bank transfers, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency services.

    • 2. is a marketplace that has been operating since 2017. It is intended for adult users who are aware of what they are doing. The rating of on is 4.7.

      The advantages of the platform are as follows:

      1. the easiest interface and easy navigation;
      2. quick registration via Steam;
      3. variety of payment methods;
      4. 15% deposit bonus.

      Bank cards, cryptocurrency, and electronic systems are used for financial transactions. If you have any questions regarding the platform operation, you can contact the consultants of the support team 24/7. The advantage is that the answers are provided by real people, not bots. For appeals, there is only a feedback form. There is no online chat or hotline phone number.

      The site has an affiliate program where you will get rewards for the activity of the invited users. The reward is 1% of the referral's transaction amount.

    • 3. is a platform founded in 2017. It is focused on buying, selling, and exchanging skins for CS:GO, CS2, RUST, and TF2. The rating of the platform on is 4.9.

      The advantages of this marketplace are as follows:

      1. more than 2.7 million registered users;
      2. more than 48.7 million transactions;
      3. 24/7 support service;
      4. low trading fees;
      5. 12 interface languages;
      6. quick registration via Steam;
      7. real market analysis for accurate pricing.

      If you have any problems, contact the support team. They are available 24 hours a day and respond promptly to your requests. There is also a FAQ section on the website, when you go to it, you will get answers to the most frequent users' questions.

      The site has a program where you get a reward for inviting new users when you participate. It provides 1% of transactions conducted by your referrals. Beginners, in turn, will receive $5 to balance, as well as a 35% discount for the skin store or a 35% deposit bonus.

    • 4. Skinport

      Skinport is a website intended for buying/selling RUST, Dota 2, CS:GO, and TF 2 items. Registration is available only for adult users. The platform is easy to understand, has a stylish design and fast navigation. The marketplace's rating at is 4.9.

      The benefits of the site are as follows:

      1. the possibility of creating an account via email or Steam;
      2. a large number of trade offers;
      3. the existence of an affiliate program;
      4. quick help from the support team.

      Registration takes minimum time. To solve problems, it is suggested to contact the operators of the helpdesk via e-mail. There is no online chat or hotline phone number.

      As for the affiliate program, it is available only to users approved by the administration. You need to have a website with 5,000 views, a YouTube channel with 5,000+ subscribers, Twitch with 50+ viewers, and 2,500+ subscribers.

    • 5. is a marketplace that focuses on deals with skins for Rust and CS:GO. It is only available to people who are at least 18 years old. A profile on Steam is used to create an account on the site. The rating on is 4.8.

      The advantages of the marketplace are as follows:

      1. a $5 bonus is provided for the first exchange without the need to make a deposit;
      2. additional reward (35%) is offered for depositing via bank cards, PayPal, Trustly, and cryptocurrency services;
      3. gifts for completing simple tasks. You'll get a sum of money for confirming emails and subscribing to messenger channels and pages on social networks.

      The support desk works around the clock, and communication with operators is conducted in online chat. There're regular skin giveaways. However, it is necessary to get tickets to participate in them by performing the specified tasks (update your avatar and share information about the platform on social networks).

    • 6. Skinswap

      Skinswap is a marketplace that has been designed for buying, selling, and exchanging items for CSGO and Rust. There are more than 30,000 registered users and more than 50,000 successful deals. The marketplace rating at is 4.6.

      The advantages of the site are as follows:

      1. easy and fast registration via Steam;
      2. 10 interface languages, including English and German;
      3. 24x7 customer support;
      4. the possibility to get real money from the sale of skins and transfer them to the balance.

      Several methods are offered for financial transactions. You can choose to deposit via bank or gift cards, and cryptocurrency. Only PayPal, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are used for withdrawal.

    • 7. ShadowPay

      ShadowPay is a platform that has been operating since 2017. It is owned by Amazing Place PTE. Deals with RUST, Dota 2, and CS:GO skins are available to users of legal age only. The site has more than 1.7 million registered users. The number of deals exceeded 3.5 million. Its rating is 4.2.

      The benefits of the platform are as follows:

      1. four interface languages (English, Turkish, Chinese, Russian);
      2. five settlement currencies (dollars, euros, rubles, Turkish liras, Polish zloty);
      3. quick registration through Steam;
      4. the availability of a mobile application;
      5. a large selection of skins.

      Customer support is only available via the contact form. Responses are sent to the email address specified in the request. When you send your first request, you will receive a promo code to get a 3% bonus on your deposit.

      There is an affiliate program on the website. Invite new users through a link to get an incentive. The platform provides 20% of the revenue earned from your referrals.

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    Best and Most Famous Rust Skins

    If you intend to buy Rust skins, focus on items that enjoy the highest popularity. They can help you to customize weapons or clothing to stand out from the crowd. Some of the best options include:

    1. Nordic Relic Eoka. You can buy Rust skins on one of these platforms to unleash your inner Viking in the battle against the opponents. The starting price on the Steam marketplace is $11.50.
    2. Raptor Facemask. Intimidate your prey to guarantee you win the battle. The starting price on Steam is $0.82.
    3. Poseidon LR300. A rifle skin that makes you look classy and formidable within Rust. The starting price on Steam is $2.01.

    These and many other items are available on the Rust trading platforms discussed in this article. As a rule, they are somewhat cheaper on verified sites compared to Steam.

    DMarket site

    How to Buy Rust Skins on Online Marketplaces

    Sign up for one of the Rust marketplaces suggested in the article using email, Steam, or other available options. Then perform the following steps:

    1. After logging in to your profile, go to the cashier section and select the Deposit tab.
    2. Enter the amount and payment system, and enter a promo code, if available, to receive your gifts.
    3. After receiving funds, go to the store to view the available items.
    4. Select the skin you’re interested in, add it to your cart, and make your purchase.

    The purchased item will appear in your inventory. Remember that some platforms offer rewards in the form of discounts for the first purchase, and an additional amount when you refill your balance.

    Is It Legal to Buy Rust Skins?

    Many users ask, “Where can I buy Rust skins?” Having received the answer, they keep wondering whether the transactions are of legal nature. In fact, there is nothing that could cause concerns or fear. Yet, it is necessary to take a competent approach to the choice of platforms.

    Verified sites that offer Rust skins for sale operate under license and are in full compliance with the law. They are regularly inspected, and the regulatory authorities give permission for further activities due to compliance with the standards. This means that all processes on the sites are safe and secure and the information is strictly confidential. Third parties have no access to your exchange transactions or the purchase/sale of skins.

    Tradeit.GG site

    Main Ways to Make a Deposit on the Sites to Buy RUST Skins

    If you have already found where to buy Rust skins, then think about ways to top up your balance. In fact, the process is quite simple, and the support team will always help in case of force majeure. The basic steps are as follows:

    1. Register on the site using one of the proposed methods (Steam, e-mail, etc.).
    2. Sign in to your profile and go to the Deposit tab to add money and then proceed to buying Rust skins.
    3. Choose a payment method (cryptocurrency, for instance, Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum/Tron/Tether, bank or gift card) and specify the amount.
    4. If you have a promo code, enter it in the appropriate field to get a bonus for your deposit.
    5. Specify payment details and confirm these actions.

    The money is transferred instantly, so you can go straight to the marketplace and close the deal.

    What to Consider When Choosing Buy Rust Skins Sites?

    It is not enough to know how to buy Rust skins. Make sure you choose the appropriate site. Otherwise, you may become a victim of fraudsters and lose your money. The fact is that there are quite a few sites online. All of them provide the opportunity to make deals and teach how to buy skins on Rust. Low-rated platforms often operate dishonestly.

    The main criteria to consider when choosing a site include the following:

    1. The legal status of activities (availability of a license).
    2. The number of registered users.
    3. The variety of skins offered.
    4. Handouts where you can take part after registration.
    5. Availability of a bonus program and referral system.
    6. Variety of methods of payment (cryptocurrency, bank and gift cards, electronic services).

    Also, take into account the reviews left by visitors. Go to to see the rating.

    skinport rust skins

    Positive and Negative Sides of Using Sites to Buy RUST Skins

    Even if you know how to buy Rust skins on Steam, read the details of the deals on the trading platforms discussed in this article. It is more profitable to make purchases on trusted sites as in most cases items cost more on Steam. Also, the advantages include:

    1. The possibility to buy Rust skins using various payment methods.
    2. A wide range of items.
    3. Fast transaction processing.
    4. A large number of users who trust the platforms.

    Don’t miss your chance to upgrade your collection of skins at an affordable price. Just register on the site of your choice, make a deposit, and close the deal.


    You can easily find the best place to buy Rust skins with this review. Check out what’s good about each site to identify your preferred option. You can evaluate each platform on your own. However, if you do not have time for that, then use our recommendations. In this case, you will choose a reliable site to buy Rust skins with a high rating and excellent user reviews. and Skinport are considered the best platforms. This is due to their high rating on (4.9). Go to the suggested sites, evaluate their functionality, and register. You will be satisfied with the result because of the fast and honest processing of transactions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it safe to buy Rust skins?

      If you choose the best site to buy Rust skins with a high level of reliability, the transactions will be fast, fair, and safe. This is due to the fact that the platforms work within a legal framework. The privacy principles are respected here, suspicious processes are monitored and timely measures are taken to stop force majeure situations. That's why you should register on the platforms offered in the article and read how to buy skins in Rust.
    • What place is considered to be the best to buy Rust skins?

      If you are looking for where to buy Rust items, then pay attention only to licensed sites with a large number of registered users and a wide range of skins. Also, take into account the availability of bonuses and promo codes, and the variability of calculation systems. Currently, the best places to buy Rust skins are and Skinport. This is confirmed by their high rating on (4.9).
    • Can I buy Rust skins with crypto?

      If you are satisfied with Rust skins prices, and you want to make a purchase using cryptocurrency, follow these steps:

      • 1

        Register on the site and log in to your profile.

      • 2

        Open the Deposit tab.

      • 3

        Choose cryptocurrency as a payment method and specify the amount.

      • 4

        Copy the number of your wallet where you want to transfer funds with the aim to buy Rust skins cheap.

      • 5

        Go to your account on the crypto platform and perform the transaction.

      • 6

        After receiving money on the balance of the trading platform, open skins and

      • 7

        add the selected item to the shopping cart.

      • 8

        Make a purchase, after which the funds will be deducted from your account.

    • Can you buy Rust skins with PayPal?

      You can buy Rust skins with PayPal if the system is supported on the platform of your choice. Take the following steps:

      • 1

        Register on the marketplace using Steam, email address, or other suggested methods.

      • 2

        Authorize in your profile and go to the Deposit block.

      • 3

        Specify the amount and select PayPal as the payment method on Rust skin buying sites.

      • 4

        Specify payment details and confirm the action.

      • 5

        Go to the section with skins after funds are credited to your balance.

      • 6

        Choose an item, add it to the cart, and proceed with the transaction.

    Author: Andreea Lavorenciuc

    Updated on: 22.07.2024