Tradeit.GG Promo Code "HELLAGOOD" for a $5 free balance

Do you dream of a full inventory of skins, but you have no cash? Use the hellagood promo code from the article to get profit during trading.


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$5 for Free in a Balance
Get $5 in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% discount

Tradeit.GG Promo Code and Review for June 2024

🚨 List of best Tradeit.GG Promo Codes: 🚨


    Activate Code and Get $5 in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% discount

  • Code HELLAGO

    Activate Code and Get $5 in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% discount


    Activate Code and Get $5 in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% discount

How To Activate the TradeIt.GG Promo Code?
  1. Log in via Steam and pass the verification. ✅ registration
  2. Click on your profile and select “Redeem code” section. ✅

    Redeem code in profile
  3. Enter the “HELLAGOOD” or “HELLAGO” that grants a bonus 35% topup bonus or 35% discount, and click apply. ✅

    promo code input field
  4. Make your first topup, enjoy the bonuses provided. ✅ store

TradeIt.GG Review

TradeIt.GG is a platform that allows you to trade your CS:GO skins for other skins or real money. The website is easy-to-navigate even for first-time rookies because of its contemporary and user-friendly design. The marketplace provides a large selection of skins for titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and others. Additionally, TradeIt.GG provides a “quick sell” feature that enables you to instantly sell your skins for money. The site has nice prices in its store, and there are also many skin discounts. TradeIt.GG has its own WIKI, which contains a database of all the skins on the site. There you will be able to see the prices, user ratings, description, and history of the skin you want.

💪 Tradeit.GGSign Up!
✌️ Promo code  Tradeit.GGHELLAGOOD
💰 BonusGet $5 in a balance and a 35% topup bonus or 35% discount
💹 Trustpilot RatingExcellent – 4.9 (Reviews 13563)
✔️ UpdatedJune 2024

Bonuses & Promo Codes

For newcomers, site provides a selection of perks and coupon code. The “HELLAGOOD” and “HELLAGO” promo codes offer a bonus 35% top-up bonus or 10% discount. Moreover, the site gives an additional 35% of the topup amount for free.
Additionally, TradeIt.GG frequently runs giveaways, which are divided into 3 types hourly, daily, and weekly. The conditions of participation are quite simple:

  • 👌 Make deals on TradeIt.GG
  • 👌 Get tickets for these deals
  • 👌 Number of tickets you receive is based on the value of each trade, one ticket equals $1.
  • 👌 Use the tickets to participate in the giveaway.

There are also other promotions here. Therefore, rush it to take advantage of these chances! The site gives additional money for the first transaction on the site, depending on the amount of your trade. For example, for a trade of 100 dollars, you will receive 5 USD extra.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins on Tradeit?

The method of trading skins on TradeIt.GG is simple. You can organize this whole process in the trade tab. Here you will see your inventory with tradeable skins and weapons you can receive. First, select the skins you want to trade and add them to your trade offer. Then, select the skins you want to receive in exchange and confirm the trade. Once the trade is complete, the new skins will be added to your inventory. To facilitate the search for the necessary skin, the site has a huge number of filters by price, color, and type, and there are even already created collections of skins by similarity. There are items from both the site and regular users. Moreover, you can simply buy and sell items. Do not forget that to trade, your Steam account must meet certain requirements. Your account must be public, Steam Guard must be enabled, and Mobile Authenticator – more than 7 days activation.

site overview

Tradeit Deposit and Withdraw Methods

Tradeit.GG is a trading platform that allows users to trade virtual items such as skins, and other in-game items from various popular games. The platform supports multiple deposit and withdrawal methods to make it easy for users to fund their accounts and withdraw their earnings.

Pay attention that it is not possible to withdraw balance to an external cash account/wallet.

Here are the deposit and withdrawal methods supported by Tradeit.GG:

  • 💳 Card
  • 💰 Ideal
  • 💵 Bancontact
  • 💳 Alipay
  • 🤑 Skins

All these systems are quite popular, guaranteeing the safety and protection of your funds. On the website, you can choose a currency that is convenient for you:

  • 💸 Dollars
  • 💸 Euros
  • 💸 Rubles
  • 💸 Pounds
  • 💸 Philippine peso
  • 💸 Australian dollar
  • 💸 Brazilian real, and others

You can withdraw cash in the ways that TradeIt.GG offers you after the sale or by using skins in your Steam inventory. Please note that some payment methods may have associated fees, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before making any topup or withdrawals. payment methods

Is TradeIt.GG Legit Or Scam?

With certainty, we can state that TradeIt.GG is a legit website. The website has almost 13,300 reviews on Trustpilot from pleased visitors and has been in operation since 2017. TradeIt.GG is a verified company and has a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. Additionally, SSL encryption and other security measures to protect users’ information.

Is safe? Yes, to protect your Steam account and inventory during transactions, TradeIt.GG CS:GO trading bots use strong security measures, such as the usage of the Steam API key and trade offer confirmation procedures. Users have shown their trust by making tens of millions of trades online, and online trades are always around 2 thousand. However, from time to time, there are also negative reviews due to the fact that players have problems with their first trade. Also, TradeIt.GG does not respond to negative reviews on Trustpilot.

Pros and Cons of Tradeit.GG

TradeIt is one of the leading sites for trading skins from various games. The site has many strengths, but not without disadvantages, although they are not critical.


  • ✌️ User-friendly interface
  • ✌️ Wide selection of skins
  • ✌️ Quick sell feature for instant cash
  • ✌️ Regular bonuses and promotions
  • ✌️ Secure website with SSL encryption
  • ✌️ Nice rating on 4.9


  • 😒 Limited payment options compared to some other trading platforms
  • 😒 No live chat support, requests via tickets

Tradeit Customer Support

TradeIt.GG offers customer support via e-mail, although there is a live chat, in which you can only write your problem and get a reply by e-mail. However, for most major questions there is a help center where you can find the FAQ and instructions on how to start trading. Moreover, on the main page at the bottom, there is a large text explaining the site and many other interesting things.

Summary: main verdict about Tradeit

In general, TradeIt.GG is a popular marketplace for exchanging CS:GO skins and other in-game stuff. The website has a large collection of skins from different games and is secure and simple to use. The website’s perks and discount codes are also a great touch. We think TradeIt.GG is a genuine and reliable website, despite a few small drawbacks like fewer payment methods and no live chat support.

trade skins CSGO


  • What is Tradeit.GG?

    Tradeit.GG is a trading platform for CS:GO skins and other in-game items. The website allows you to trade your skins for other skins or real money.
  • How do I claim the Tradeit.GG promo code?

    To claim the Tradeit.GG promo code, you need:

    • 1

      Create an account on the website and verify your email address.

    • 2

      Navigate to the “Redeem code” menu and enter the promo code “HELLAGOOD” or “HELLAGO” in the designated field.

    • 3

      Make your first deposit.

    • 4

      Bonus will be automatically added to your account.

  • Can I withdraw money from Tradeit.GG?

    Yes, you can withdraw money from Tradeit.GG. TradeIt will show you potential withdrawals in your region along with the amount in USD.
  • Can I use Tradeit.GG Bonus Code more than once?

    No, you can only use promo code Tradeit.GG once . The bonus of 35% is only available on your first topup.
  • Can I Trade Items From Different Games at the Same Time?

    Yes, you can trade items from different games on Tradeit.GG. The website offers a wide selection of skins from various games, including CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust, and more.

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Updated on: 23.06.2024

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