Hellcase Free Promo Code in 2021 + Review

Last Updated: November 20, 2021

hellcase logoThere’s nothing better than the thrill you get when you open a CS:GO case. It gives a big adrenaline rush when you see the wheel starting to spin. You either win big or lose.

However, should you open cases inside your CSGO client, or should you do it through a third-party site such as Hellcase? That’s something we’ve been wondering.

We’ve always been afraid of using sites like Hellcase because we didn’t know if we could trust them. That’s why we decided to test them.

We created our account, used the Hellcase promo code: tupaclives to obtain $0.45 worth of free money, and then we deposited a total of $3000. The fact that there were hundreds of people online at the same time on Hellcase, and the fact that the site seemed to have a good reputation on various forums, made us more confident playing on the site. However, we were still a bit anxious that we would get scammed.

November 2021 Update: we now prefer using CSGOEmpire. They have the biggest community, best deposit & withdrawal system, and the best overall experience.

We recently found a code for CSGOEmpire that gives you a free gift case worth up to $1400. The code is: godlike11

You can read our full review of CSGOEmpire and their pros & cons here.

We played on the site for hours and opened everything from knife cases to silly $3 cases.

In the end, we had around $2130 worth of cool items (knives and skins) and wanted to withdraw them to our account.

The process of withdrawing skins to our account was actually surprisingly simple and fast as it only took less than 5 minutes.

We can understand why hundreds of people play on HellCase. After having conducted the test above where we deposited, opened hundreds of cases and then withdrew our winnings, we see that the cases you open on Hellcase are a lot better and more exciting to open than the ones that you open through your CS:GO game client.

We wish you the best of luck if you want to try playing on Hellcase too. To help you on the way we found the Hellcase promo code: “tupaclives” that gives you $0.45 worth of free money. So what are you waiting for? Those cases aren’t going to open themselves!

free $0.45 promo code: tupaclives

Our Final Verdict

We give Hellcase a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars:

Here are the pros and cons of Gamdom that we found after spending dozens of hours on the site:

  • Much better cases than the ones in the game
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Good support
  • Great community (thousands of people online every day)
  • Could have more game-modes

Top 3 CS:GO Sites in 2020:

Logo Ref Code Details
Best Overall
CSGOEmpire Free case worth up to $1400
  • Legit (live since 2017)
  • Biggest community
  • Accepts BTC
  • Second place
    CSGORoll Free $0.50 bonus
  • Legit
  • Fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Third place
    CSGOFast Free $0.50 bonus
  • Many game modes
  • Trustworthy
  • Activating The Free Promo Code

    a CS:GO skinIt is super simple and straight forward to activate the promo code. You can either activate the code by clicking the button above, or you can just go to hellcase.com, register your account, and then manually enter the promo code: tupaclives. The promo code will then give you $0.45 worth of currency that you can use to open cases. That $0.45 may not sound like much, but it makes for a solid start where you get to try the website before you can decide if you want to deposit more money into it. You can also get quite a lot of money if you get the bonus codes for all the different betting sites out there. In that way, you could potentially earn $10 within a few minutes.


    A Review of Hellcase

    Great game design with better loot than Valve

    You’ll love Hellcase’s look. It’s very unique, great-looking and filled with cool animations. We honestly prefer this look and feel of case opening over the one that Valve has added into CS:GO. Not is the game design beautiful, it’s also super easy to use. The interface is easy to understand. That combined with the graphics results in a great gaming experience packed with action. We actually did the work for you and compared the results from case opening through CS:GO and case opening through Hellcase. To no big surprise Hellcase came out as the winner big time. They simply provide some better cases.

    A reputable company

    Hellcase has been here for a long time, and they are among the most popular CS:GO betting sites right now. They have never had any bad talk about them, and therefore you should feel comfortable when depositing and withdrawing skins and knives from Hellcase. It’s honestly the main case opening site that we would recommend. Sure there are other ones, but Hellcase seems to be the most reputable one with the most online users. Their case opening experience is unmatched by others, and you can be sure that you’re getting some of the best odds possible when compared to other case opening sites.

    free $0.45 bonus code: tupaclives

    Hellcase in 2020

    What Hellcase.com looks like in 2020.

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    Our Favorite Bonus. Use the code godlike11 for a case worth up to $1400 on CSGOEmpire.com.