CSGOEmpire Free Referral Codes in 2020 + Review

NOTE: We decided to test CSGOEmpire again in January 2020, as they are one of the few CS:GO gambling sites that are still alive and popular. We wanted to test their new deposit & withdrawal system which supposedly allows you to bypass Valve’s 7-day trade-hold on items. We did this by depositing $2200 worth of […]

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Symbols For Your Steam Name (Smileys & Special Characters)

CSGO chicken

Your Steam name means a lot for your identity. It’s the first thing people are going to see when they stumble upon you. Therefore, you may as well make your name look awesome. We have gathered a big list of steam name symbols, that you can use if you’re looking to pimp your name. The […]

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How To Show FPS in CS:GO

CSGO team

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to show your FPS in CS:GO. FPS is the abbreviation for “frames per second”, and is an indicator of how well the game runs on your computer. you can then use this parameter to measure. The general rule of thumb is that this number should […]

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CS:GO Give Weapon Command – Spawn weapons for yourself


In private games in CS:GO you have the option to give yourself weapons by typing commands in the console. Private games are very good for training frags and new weapons and strategies with friends. Therefore, being able to quickly give yourself weapons using the “give weapon command” is handy. Here’s the command: credit to gamebanana […]

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How to Change Your Crosshair To a Dot In CS:GO

dot crosshair in csgo

The CS:GO dot crosshair is trending right now, and more and more people are trying it out. I personally haven’t been using it, and cannot recommend it, but for some people, it seems that they much better with it. So let’s get straight to it. So how do you enable a dot crosshair? Input this […]

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CS:GO Jump Throw Bind – How To Install & Use it

csgo image

In CS:GO you can make a jump throw, and it’s pretty damn effective. It’s not banned to use in online play, and not in most competitive tournaments. It used to be banned in the ESEA league, but that it’s now allowed again. To perform a jump throw bind: All you need to do is bind […]

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