Best CSGO / CS2 Exchange Sites: Review

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    Recommended CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange Sites in 2024

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    • csgoroll
    • gamdom
    • 1. CSGORoll

      CSGORoll is one of the most popular CSGO exchange sites out there. It features a quick and easy Steam-integrated login method, allowing for a convenient way to trade or exchange skins. They are also well-trusted within the community and are even partnered with G2 Esports., helping them build more credibility.

      Aside from exchanging CSGO skins, CSGORoll features a plethora of games where players can go for big prizes. They also support RUST, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2 items if you're also looking to trade those. Their user-friendly and inviting interface makes them among the best CSGO exchange sites for newbies or veterans.

    • 2. SkinsMonkey

      As the name suggests, SkinsMonkey is a prime CSGO skin exchange destination. Right out of the gate, it greets you with its skin inventory, allowing you to choose whatever you desire. You'll need to match the current price of the skin you've chosen with skins from your Steam Inventory. Otherwise, you'll need to add some extra cash to balance things out. Your wallet automatically stores any excess funds from the transaction.

      SkinsMonkey offers a straightforward method for all of your RUST, Team Fortress 2, and CSGO skin exchange needs. They support a handful of payment systems, along with numerous currencies. Use our HELLAGOOD code for a free $5 bonus on SkinsMonkey.

    • 3. CSGOEmpire

      CSGOEmpire is a solid choice for players looking not only to exchange their skins but also to do a bit of gambling on the side. One of their best features is the Match Betting option, where you can place wagers on all CS2 games, among other esports events happening all over the world. You might even get the chance to grow your capital and get more skins.

      One downside of CSGOEmpire is that it doesn't offer traditional skin swaps like the others. You'll have to first deposit the skin you're looking to trade. It will then be converted into coins, which you can then use to withdraw the skin/s you want. It's a bit of a tedious process, which is why it's not the best site for beginners.

    • 4. CS.TRADE

      Another great CSGO item exchange site is CS.Trade. They've completed over 2.7 million trades with a high TrustPilot rating of 4.7 Stars. At this point, there shouldn't be a doubt in your mind about the legitness of the site. CS.Trade has also been around since 2018. You simply need to sign in through Steam and start trading away.

      You can quickly find the trading UI on their front page. This displays all of the items available on the site, as well as the ones in your inventory. At that point, it's just a matter of mixing and matching prices. Once the prices match, you can safely start the CSGO skin exchange process.

    • 5. KeyDrop

      KeyDrop has one of the most elegant UIs in the entire list. Everything is color-coded, properly labeled, and features HD photos. It makes for a welcoming feeling, great for newcomers to CSGO exchange sites. Speaking of exchanges, you'll be happy to know that their Skin Changer feature allows you to choose up to 50 skins for upgrades or swaps. It's a robust system that takes effect immediately.

      KeyDrop offers a variety of ways to get new skins, evident by a handful of games available on the site. You can try your luck and open a few cases. If you're looking for a more thrilling experience, try out their Case Battle feature and go head-to-head against other players. Overall, Keydrop offers a little bit of everything and is worth the click.

    • 6. DaddySkins

      DaddySkins is one of the best CSGO skin exchange sites for players looking for bonuses and bargains. They have regular giveaways, referral prizes, a Bonanza jackpot prize, and extra promos on top of that. Of course, we can't forget about code gamble100, which gives you an additional 8% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $100.

      Their CSGO exchange inventory boasts 73 pages of skins, ranging from as low as $1.00 up to around $3000. While most sites only accept upgrading skins, DaddySkins allows you to downgrade items, and they will deposit the difference into your account. It';s a great way of getting some money back while not completely losing your CS swag.

    • 7. ShadowPay

      ShadowPay is one of the only entries on the list that is a full-blown skin market. You know what that means - their features are heavily going to support skin trading. Nothing reflects this more than their flawless item marketplace. It includes everything you could ask for, like price histories, similar listings, and a 3D viewer. All of this culminates in making ShadowPay an easy choice for a CSGO skin exchange website that you can't go wrong with.

      Avid skin traders would greatly benefit from using ShadowPay. They have support for an app and a Google Chrome Extension, making it an effortless experience to trade items on any PC. If you're looking to exchange CSGO skins for money, then ShadowPay can cater to your needs, processing transactions within 15 minutes.

    • 8. SkinSwap

      SkinSwap is another fully dedicated marketplace where you can exchange CSGO skins. They may be a newcomer to the industry, but they can stand their own ground against more established sites. They boast over 30K users, over $1.7 million in payouts, and an excellent 4.4 rating on TrustPilot. You can rest knowing that your skins and funds are safe on SkinSwap.

      They utilize a CSGO exchange bot to lockdown deals and add skins to their inventory. Trading on the website is straightforward: search for the skins you want and match prices with ones in your inventory. You can also opt to instantly trade your items for cash if you prefer to cash out instead. SkinSwap also supports both cryptocurrencies and PayPal for convenient cashouts.

    • 9. CashOutSkins

      You can't get a more direct name than CashOutSkins. As you might've guessed, it's an excellent match for people looking to exchange CSGO skins for money. It stands out with its unique design in an industry filled with copycats. However, it maintains a user-friendly UI, allowing both novices and experts to navigate their way through the site.

      CashOutSkins brags a quick processing time of around 15 minutes, and you'll have the money in your account. Speaking of funds, they support payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers, and cryptos, among others. If ever you run into any problems, their 24/7 live chat is always ready to help, coupled with a fast-acting Discord server for extra support.

    • 10. Clash.GG

      Finally, Clash.GG bestows upon us another betting and CSGO exchange site to choose from. Upon opening the site, a flurry of different sections will instantly greet you. It doesn't have the cleanest UI, but you should still manage your way through the site; the animations of each button are top-tier, though.

      It highlights popular games like Crash, Mines, and Roulette, making it a CSGO gambler's paradise. Clash.GG shouldn't be your top choice if you're only looking to exchange CSGO skins. However, it's a no-brainer for folks looking to improve their inventory by wagering skins on different games.

    Best CSGO / CS2 Exchange sites in 2024

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    8thSkinSwapUse the hellagood for Giveaways, Free Case, Use Free Promo Codes and Reduce Commission, Best Place to Trade & Sell SkinsGet now
    9thCashOutSkinsUse the hella get a 2.00% bonus on your CS2 / CS:GO inventoryGet now
    10thClash.GGUse the hellagood” Receive Daily Free Case + Rakeback + and a +5% Deposit BonusGet now

    How to Use CSGO / CS2 Exchange Websites?

    All the CSGO exchange websites work similarly, so these steps can help you, regardless of the site you prefer to use.

    1. Login using your Steam Account and connect your Steam Inventory.
    2. Select the skin/s you wish to exchange for from their online inventory.
    3. Choose the skin/s you wish to swap them with from your Steam inventory. You might need to match prices by adding more skins or money to fill the gap.
    4. Proceed with the transaction and await the arrival of the skins to your inventory.

    You might need to perform some extra procedures, depending on the site you are using. However, the main process should remain the same throughout.

    Bonuses and Promotions on CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange Sites

    Each CSGO skin exchange site offers its own flurry of promotions and bonuses to attract new players. From first deposit bonuses to freebies and giveaways, along with referrals and affiliates. It’s crucial to look for a site which aligns with the promos that you want.

    Here are a couple of great examples:

    • CSGORoll – The code GAMBLE-CSGO will give you three free cases and a deposit bonus of 5%. They also have giveaways and jackpot promotions.
    • CSGOEmpire – Usage of top100list grants a free bonus case amounting to $0.01 to $1445, along with free coins. They reward free daily coins, bonus cases based on level, and referral programs.
    • KeyDrop – Use code gamblecsgo100 to receive a 10% deposit bonus, free daily cases, and a $0.50 additional balance. They also feature free gold and daily cases, along with regular giveaways.
    • Clash.GGhellagood gives free daily cases, a Rakeback bonus, and a 5% deposit bonus. They offer level-based rewards, daily giveaways, rakeback, and various monthly Battle Passes.

    daily free on CSGORoll

    Deposit and Withdrawal Methods on CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange Sites

    The payment methods accepted will largely depend on the CSGO skin exchange sites themselves and the country you are located in. However, most sites will support popular systems like PayPal, bank transfers, and cryptos.

    Gathered the commonly approved deposit and withdrawal methods on various CSGO exchange sites:

    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit/Debit Card via VISA or Mastercard
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Tether (USDT)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Apple Paycustomer
    • Google Pay
    • Zen
    • Neteller
    • Gift Cards
    • Steam Inventory

    As mentioned, other countries will have more localized methods. However, these sites are guaranteed to accept direct Steam withdrawals and deposits.

    How to Choose the Best CSGO / CS2 Exchange Sites?

    It’s a tedious process to find the perfect fit. So, here are a few factors that you should consider when deciding what CSGO exchange website to use:

    • Accessibility – the most important factor to consider is the availability of the site within your country. It’s also crucial to look for mobile support.
    • Supported Payment Methods – we’ve already listed a bunch of payment methods above, but make sure to check the site out itself. Look for sites who accept the payment method that is most convenient to you.
    • Features – learn about a CSGO skins exchange site’s inherent elements. Do you prefer one that has some extra games? Maybe something with esports betting? Or are you fine with the bare minimum?
    • Bonuses and Promotions – Find a site with the best promos for your use case. This is especially true if you’ll be making regular deposits.

    CS.Trade site

    How Do We Test CSGO / CS2 Exchange Sites?

    We personally test out each service to determine the viability of each site. It involves extensive testing of the following:

    • Ease of Account Creation – Making an account is an essential step we take to ensure that each site is safe and legitimate.
    • Customer Support – We also test out the responsiveness of their customer service support and live chat (if any).
    • Additional Features – Extra services like games, betting, and app support are also tested for convenience.
    • Availability of Promotions and Bonuses – We also test if the promo codes work on each site, along with how to claim them and use them on the sites.
    • Usability of the Site – Finally, the UI elements of the CSGO skin exchange sites we’ve listed and how easy it is to navigate them. This also includes the loading times between pages.

    Pros and Cons of Using CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange Sites

    If you’re still on the verge of using the various CSGO exchange sites, then these pros and cons will surely make your decision easier.


    • 👍 Convenient and accessible
    • 👍 Quick account creation process
    • 👍 Allows you to upgrade (or downgrade) your skins instantly
    • 👍 Some sites support instant cashouts in as fast as 15 minutes
    • 👍 Most websites only charge minimal transaction fees
    • 👍 The ability to earn extra bonuses and rewards by using promo codes like hellagood


    • 👎 You’re limited to the inventories on the site
    • 👎 Sites like CSGO exchanges aren’t well-equipped with extra features
    • 👎 Most sites don’t offer robust welcome packages and promotions
    • 👎 Prices can be a bit worse than simply buying/selling skins directly

    KeyDrop site


    That ends our ranking and review of the best CSGO exchange sites you can use. Hopefully, the brief description, pros and cons, and promotions, among others, can help you decide on which site you’ll be using. All of these sites are solid choices, but others will cater better to the different needs of each player.

    CSGO skin exchange services can help you get better skins by combining ones in your inventory. They can also help you offload valuable skins and get numerous ones in return. Finally, exchanging them for money is always an option, especially for the rarer skins. No matter your use case, our review can help you choose the right site for you.


    • How Do You Exchange CSGO / CS2 Skins for Real Money?

      You can exchange CSGO skins for money in two ways. You can directly sell your skins to the variety of sites we’ve listed and withdraw your balance. However, not all sites support direct withdrawals of money; others just support skin withdrawals, so do your research before committing.

      The second method is by swapping your item for a cheaper-priced skin and withdrawing the remaining balance. This method is the best option for players who are simply looking to downgrade instead of offloading their skins.

    • What Is a Trusted Site for CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange?

      The sites we trust are:

      • CSGORoll

      • SkinsMonkey

      • CSGOEmpire

      • CS.TRADE

      • KeyDrop

      • DaddySkins

      • ShadowPay

      • SkinSwap

      • CashOutSkins

      • Clash.GG

      They are used by thousands of users each day, along with thousands of transactions happening in the background. Most are established within the community, and experts and novices trade on the site without any issues.

      The best CSGO exchange sites that we’ve handpicked all have a clean track record, offer legit payouts, and are safe for general use. They also have high TrustPilot ratings, along with positive testimonials from their users.

    • Is CSGO / CS2 Exchange Legit in the USA?

      Now, it’s understandable for new users to question, “Is CSGO exchange legit?” Well, let me answer that for you with a resounding YES. A prime telltale sign that they are legit is their availability within the US. Most illegal sites get blocked immediately, and you cannot access them without extra procedures. CSGO skin exchanges are basically just skin trading. These have lighter laws and regulations because there’s nothing really illegal about swapping skins. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about the legality of the various CSGO exchange websites.
    • What Is the Best Site CSGO / CS2 Skins Exchange?

      Answering this question requires a bit more knowledge about your personal needs. Refer to this list for a quick rundown of what each site does best.

      • SkinSwap or ShadowPay - Best CSGO exchange sites for a straightforward and convenient experience.

      • CS.Trade, CashOutSkins, and SkinsMonkey - Offers a clean and easy-to-use UI, making it suitable for beginners.

      • CSGORoll, CSGOEmpire, and DaddySkins - Perfect for veterans in the space looking for more than just skin trading.

      • Clash.GG and Key-Drop - Offer eye-watering visuals, creating a unique and aesthetic experience.

      As I’ve said, it will mostly come down to your priorities for a CSGO exchange site.

    Author: Anwell Patdu

    Updated on: 22.06.2024