CS:GO Pro Settings

CS:GO Pro Settings – Discover what the pros do

We’re all interested to see which CS:GO settings, and gear that our favorite players use. As a pro player, you’re obviously very good, and since you’re good you most definitely have your settings in order. In other words: if a pro player plays with these settings, then they must be some great settings.

Therefore, if you’re looking to have some of the best CSGO settings out there, and a great gear setup, it’s a good idea to do the same as your favorite player.

However, most of the time it’s hard to find information on which settings your favorite player uses. We noticed this, and did something about it. This is why we launched this page, where we’ve collected the settings of a bunch of professional CS:GO players. You just simply click on your favorite CS:GO player above, and you will get to see his exact settings and gear setup. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!

Most popular settings & gear among CS GO pros

We’ve analyzed the data from so many CS:GO players. Therefore, we can use this data for a lot of things. For example we can look at which CS:GO settings are the most popular. We can also look at gear. We can for example tell you which gaming mouse most pros prefer.

Most popular resolution among CS:GO pros

  • Here’s what our data concluded:
  • 59% of pro players use the 1024×768 resolution
  • 79% of pro players use 4:3 as aspect ratio
  • 63% of pro players use black bars instead of the (stretched) mode

Most popular keyboard among CS:GO pros

  • Here’s what our data concluded:
  • The Steelseries 6Gv2 is the most popular keyboard.
  • A lot of them also use buy binds. You can read more about buy binds here.

Most popular monitor among CS:GO pros

  • Here’s what our data concluded:
  • The BenQ XL2430T is the most popular monitor.

Most mouse among CS:GO pros

  • Here’s what our data concluded:
  • Zowie EC2-A is the most popular mouse.

Most popular CS:GO pro player mouse sensitivity

  • Here’s what our data concluded:
  • 68% of all CS:GO pros have a mouse with a DPI of 400.