The Best eSports Betting Sites for 2023

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So, you think you can predict the winners of major CS: GO eSports tournaments this year? Learn how to bet on eSports, choose a sportsbook and give eSports betting a shot. It’s a fairly straightforward process. Betting takes a few minutes and it could be profitable.

Esports betting isn’t risk-free, though. Like traditional betting, wagering on video games asks for commitment. You have to spend a couple of hours analyzing games, comparing odds and choosing bonuses. You can learn how to be on eSports at The site also features a list of the best eSports betting sites.

We’ve discussed some of these sportsbooks in great detail below. Stick around for a few minutes to discover what each bookmaker is best for, well, besides featuring eSports betting markets.


Founded in 2000, Bet365 is one of the pioneers of online sports betting. It’s a famous and reputable company known for its many sponsorships in the sports world. Bet365 is based in the UK and naturally it provides hundreds of European football betting markets.

However, it’s also specializes in eSports. To expound more, you can wager on CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA20, Call of Duty, Fortnite and PUBG. The company updates its list of eSports matches from time to time. But it mainly focuses on international events.

Additionally, eSports bet types at Bet365 are a bit limited. Some tournaments only attract outright winner wager types. Others focus on maps, number of kills and full-time results in the case of football games. This is alright, though. It’s the way many bookies approach eSports tournaments.

Bet365 is a trailblazer and that means it goes beyond the basics. Whether you’re looking for in-play betting, a mobile betting, bonuses or a streaming app—this sportsbook has everything you want for all your betting needs. It also features quality customer service and competitive odds—two of the reasons behind its success.


888Sports is yet another brand name sportsbook based in the UK. Like Bet365, 888Sports has been around for over two decades. For some time, the bookie had a reputation of poor customer service and a lagging website. But it has since improved on these areas.

888Sports provides an extensive list of betting markets every day. It supports nearly every sport in the world, from football and basketball to soccer and eSports. Its list of eSports betting markets is rather small but that’s because it selects only tournaments from trusted organizers.

That said, it organizes tournaments and bet types neatly. First, it shows you different upcoming tournaments from different video games. Then it lets you wager on each match using three bet types: match result, handicaps (spreads) or totals.

When it comes to bonuses, 888Sports prioritizes traditional sports. It has plenty of offers for soccer, football, basketball and hockey bets. But it also features handful of betting promotions for everyone else. Thus, you can deposit $10 to claim a $30 free bet you could use on e-Sports or any other game.

William Hill

In the UK, William Hill has a betting shop in nearly every high street. They are an established brand with decades of experience in the sports gambling world. But how do they fair on the Internet, more so in regards to eSports betting?

The company provides online betting in the UK, Ireland and some U.S. states. It accepts deposits starting from $10 to $1000 or $10,000 depending on your banking choice. If you opt to get a bonus, you receive a $30 free bet after you spend your first $10 at the website.

William Hill is a mobile-friendly website. You can log into your account through your iPhone or android device. Interestingly, you don’t have to install their mobile apps to your phone. Instead, you play through their mobile websites. They work just fine.

When it comes to betting markets, William Hill offers a blend of major and minor sports. It has hundreds of soccer, basketball, hockey and rugby matches. But you can also bet on horse racing, tennis and eSports. The company focuses on major eSports tournaments and has competitive odds.


Betway was one of the first sportsbooks to embrace eSports. It has remained a major partner of eSports leagues and franchises. It has worked with ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Big Clan. Against that backdrop, it’s one of the best sportsbooks for eSports betting.

After you create an account at Betway, next you get a $10 bonus you can use to bet on a match of your choice. The only catch is that you must also deposit a similar amount. Esports fans receive several more bonuses. For example, you qualify for a $10 free bet every week you spend $25 or more betting on eSports.

Betway is constantly updating its list of betting markets. If there’s a LOL tournament going on, you’ll find it on the betting app. If there’s a major Dota 2 competition, you’re more than likely to bet on it through Betway. The best part is that Betway provides a wide range of bet types, from outright winners to totals, handicaps, double chance and parlays.

LeoVegas Sports

LeoVegas is a great betting site for two reasons: competitive odds and award-winning mobile apps. It provides incredibly competitive odds across all popular betting markets—comparable to Bet365. In case you’re wondering, the quality of odds in a sportsbook determines your overall profits.

Odds aside, LeoVegas also features a decent variety of eSports betting markets every day. It’s difficult not to find a major eSports tournament not on LeoVegas. Like Betway, this sportsbook also lets you wager on multiple bet types.

When it comes to bonuses, LeoVegas gives out bonuses that cut across all sports. Once in a while, you can find a free bet for eSports. But in many cases, the company’s promotion gives you money you can use to wager on any sport, including novelty wager types like award shows and politics. Overall, LeoVegas is a top-rated reliable sportsbook with efficient mobile apps and quick payouts.