What Types of CS:GO Bets Can You Make? Full 2024 Guide

Betting on CS: GO adds an extra layer of excitement when you’re following a game or a huge tournament, but what exactly can you wager on when you do this? The following are some of the most popular bet types you need to be aware of, and there’s more variety than you might have imagined.

types of csgo bets

Bet on the Winner of the Game

The simplest way to bet on a game is the same as it is with the moneyline wager in sports betting, as you can simply decide who you think the overall winner will be. The odds let you see who the favorite is and how much you will win if you get it right. A positive sign means that it’s the underdog and the amount next to it tells you how much you collect in profit for a $100 bet if they win.

The favorite is shown with a negative number, and that number indicates how much you would need to wager to win $100 in profit. You don’t need to worry about remembering these details as you can simply place your wager amount in the bet slip, and it’ll tell you how much a win would be worth to you.

A current example at the time of writing is the Bad New Eagles with odds of -225, which means that you win $100 if you wager $225 on them winning. Their rival in this game is the Ex-Copenhagen Flames, at +170, which gives you $170 in profit if you put a $100 bet on them and they win the game.

This is a great way of betting if you are confident about who will win the game. But it’s also a solid introduction for anyone new to esports betting and just wants to start in the simplest way possible, as you only need to decide who you think will be the outright winner of this game and nothing else.

Handicap Bets with a Stated Winning Margin

Handicap betting also exists, just as it does in traditional sports betting. In the case of the underdog, you’re usually increasing your chances of winning but lowering the odds compared to a straight win bet by adding a margin. This is because you’re saying they’ll either win or else lose by less than the stated margin.

On the other hand, if you bet on the favorite, you’ll get more generous odds, but it becomes more difficult to win. This is because you’re saying that not only will they win but that they’ll do it by more than a certain score. You’ll see this and all of the other ways to bet on CS GO games gathered under the esports section on sportsbooks.

Going back to that example, the Eagles are at +140 with a handicap of -1.5. This means that you’ll win $140 if you bet 100 on them and then win by a margin of 2 or more. The Flames are -185 with a +1.5 margin, so you need to bet $185 to win $100 on them either winning or not losing by more than 1.

This is slightly more complicated than just betting on the outright winner, but it can be well worth doing in some cases. For instance, you might feel strongly that the favorite is not only going to win but that they’ll also do it in great style. You might also feel that the underdog has a chance of winning but that they might lose by a small margin.

Place Your Wager on the Outcome of a Single Map

What if you think you can more confidently predict the outcome of a single map? In this case, you need to look for the relevant wager and check out the odds in the same way as in the previous example by looking for the favorite and underdog and then checking their odds.

This is perhaps going to be an option you consider if you watch CS: GO games live as you bet on them. It means that you can see how the game is developing and maybe feel that you have a better understanding of what is going to happen when they start playing on the next map.

Alternatively, you could bet in advance on the outcome of the first or second map. This is a terrific way to place a wager where you don’t need to wait long to find out if you get it right. It also brings up the possibility of betting live on each of the game’s maps as the game goes on, which can keep the action interesting all the way through.

Correct Score or Number of Maps Won

These are another couple of types of bets where you’re doing more than just predicting the outright winner. With the correct score bet you’re working out exactly how the game is going to go, which is difficult to get right but maybe you’ve done your research and feel confident about what you wager.

The total number of maps won is another specific type of wager where you need the game to go exactly as you predict. This is a bet that will keep you watching and hoping for the right outcome to the end. You can also try to predict the total rounds played on a map and other elements that are sure to keep your interest high during the team’s clash.

This is a more specific type of bet, so you might find it more suitable for those games where you’ve done a lot of research and think you know exactly what is going to happen. Of course, you might also base your prediction on what has happened in previous games, giving you a better idea of how the maps might play out this time around.

Live Betting as the Game Is Played

If you’re watching a game being played, you might be interested in the live betting option. This lets you place wagers on what is about to happen, meaning that you can bet on the next map to be played, on the current map, or on what you think will happen during the rest of the game.

As well as being the most exciting way of wagering, this is a highly fluid market as the odds change constantly according to what happens in the game. If the team that’s losing begins a fightback, then you will see how their odds reduce to reflect their increased chances of winning. However, if the team that’s winning begins to stretch their lead, then you’ll see how the odds move to take the latest action into account.

If you’re able to watch the game live then that’s a big advantage, as it allows you to place in-game bets based on what you’ve seen happen. In some cases, you might also be able to cash out your bet early if things are going to plan, rather than waiting to see what happens right to the end.

This means that you might want to keep a close eye on the possible cash-out amounts while you view the game. Maybe your bet is on target to win just now but you can see that the losing team is fighting back, and you worry that your wager might end up not paying out. In this sort of situation, you might think that accepting the current cash-out offer is the best option.

Just click on the cash out button and you’ll receive the amount currently shown in your account. You can then decide whether to put that money on a new bet or wait until something you’re more interested in comes up. With esports getting more popular all over the planet, there are now more live games than ever before that you can choose to wager on.

How to Choose the Right Bet

As you can see, betting on this game is as easy as trading CS:GO skins, although getting the right outcome takes patience and some investigation. The first thing to do when placing any type of bet is to research the game. Which team is coming into the game in better form and how did things work out the last time they met?

The odds will show you who your favorite is, but conducting your own research might reveal something that makes you look at the game differently. Is one of the games coming into good form or are these issues among the players that make you believe that they could be trouble and that you should bet on them losing?

As esports players for the biggest teams become huge stars, expect to find it easier to research information on them. This is going to make it easier to become more fully informed about what is going on and why one team is likely to beat another. This is no different from other sports, where taking the time to research current forms and other factors is a massive help in making smart bets.

As with any type of wagering, the more information you can gather the better, so look at statistics and expert predictions to get a feel for what is going to happen. This is what lets you decide whether the odds listed are right, or if maybe there’s a chance that the sportsbook is being too generous, and you can benefit from that.

There’s now a huge amount of information online about CS:GO tournaments so take your time and find out enough to feel comfortable about placing your first wagers. You don’t need to be an expert on CS: GO or on esports betting to do this well, but spending some time looking into the diverse factors that affect the outcome of a game can be extremely helpful.

What Games and Tournaments Can You Bet On?

You need to check out an online sportsbook to find the upcoming CS: GO games and other esports tournaments you can bet on. The first step is to find a trusted sportsbook that has a good esports section. Sign up as a new member and fund the account so that you have money to wager with.

Be sure to check for any welcome offers and other promotions, as they give you more money to bet on or improved odds. You should look at any offers based on esports betting, as they may give you the best way to use your free bonus on something you want to bet on. This is a smart way of starting with some extra funds or another type of bonus, letting you get started smoothly.

Look at the current listing under esports and you’ll see the teams that are due to compete against each other and their respective odds listed next to each of the bet types we’ve looked at. For example, at the time of writing, we can see events that you might be interested in such as the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 and the Elisa Invitational.

If you like other esports games then take a look at the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, and Rocket League. The overall approach to betting is similar in each of these games but you’ll see some differences in terms of issues such as whether you can bet on individual maps, the number of kills made, and so on.

To place a wager, you need to click on the bet you’re interested in and then choose your stake. At this point, you’ll see the possible return listed and can decide whether you think it’s worth picking. Bear in mind the several types we’ve looked at here as you look for something that you think will give you a good chance of winning.

Expect to see esports betting on CS: GO and other popular games become an ever-bigger industry as more people discover it. However, the current types of bets allowed are the classic ways of wagering that shouldn’t change too much even as the industry grows, and more fans decide to give it a try.