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CS:GO Bounty Promo Code and Review for June 2024

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Attention: Unfortunately, this provider is not reliable. Please choose an alternative from our online CS:GO gambling sites list.

CSGOBounty promo code list:

The game CS:GO only partially corresponds to the classic versions of the first person shooter, after all the game has become significantly more extensive. The various skins, for example, with which your own weapons can be significantly upgraded, now have a very significant influence. If you don’t want to miss a certain thrill, you should take a closer look at the offer from CS:GO Bounty. This is a CS:GO casino, in which players can participate in various games by depositing their own skins. As the CS:GO Bounty experience shows, there is fortunately no need to worry, but there are various interesting ways to win. What exactly that means in detail and what the players in this casino have to watch out for, we will now show you in detail below.

CSGOBounty without a license and can be a scam site that is why we recommend CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire review

An overview of our experiences

If you want to take a quick look at the casino’s website, you may be disappointed, because the offer is only accessible if the customers have logged in with their Steam account. However, the portfolio has a lot to offer, and the modern design is immediately convincing. The only hindrance here may be the English language, as no German translation has yet been offered for the homepage. But the game portfolio is all the more extensive and includes some of the most interesting titles. In addition, the transactions can also be processed conveniently, so that the skins can always be quickly moved to the respective destination. The entire offer is also garnished through a chat window in which players can chat with the other customers of the casino. Downloading software is not required to play the game in the casino. The portfolio is offered in a web version in the browser, which can therefore be started from any computer.

CS:GO Bounty in check: fraud or serious?

In our experience, the fact that a CS:GO Bounty fraud can be excluded can be seen at various points in the offer. A regular casino license is not necessary, after all, customers only play for skins and not for real money. Nevertheless, for example, all games are proven to be carried out fairly. The calculations for this are carried out by a computer that gives all players the same chances of winning. In concrete terms, this means that this provider actually decides the chance of a round winner. So exactly as it should be. At the same time, the numerous customers can also be seen as proof of quality, after all, a customer base only grows if the provider does a good and above all serious work. Online there are regularly around 1,000 players at the same time, which of course can be seen as a clear exclamation point.

The offer at a glance

The CSGO Bounty is played with the so-called coins of the provider. Customers receive these in turn when they exchange their own skins. The deposit is used for this, which means that the skins from the Steam inventory are transferred to the casino’s portfolio. Depending on the type of object exchanged, the players will be rewarded with a certain number of coins. The coins, in turn, are the entrance ticket to the various games in which the number of coins is to be increased. One of the newer games in the portfolio is the title Crash. Here the players rely on the development of a course or have to get out before it expires. If you can do that, you can look forward to a nice win in every round. At the same time, there are also very classic games in the portfolio, which, according to our CS: GO Bounty experience, include the French table game classic Roulette. Here the players always bet on a certain number range in which the “ball” has to land. If the numbers 1 to 7 are chosen, there is, for example, twice the stake as a profit. If the players tap the zero, 14 times the bet will be spent again if successful. The third game in the league is the Game Jackpot. Here the players pay a certain amount into the pot, after which the respective chances of winning are also aligned. Whoever brings the largest sum into the game has a good chance of tapping the stakes of the other players. The selection in the portfolio is also rounded off by the games Raffle, Sweeper and Dice.

csgobounty roulette

Interesting: After our CS: GO Bounty experience, various special promotions are always available. If you then add the name of the casino to your Steam username, you can secure a higher chance of winning in roulette. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at the offer on a regular basis.

Deposit: Fast and secure transfer

According to our CS: GO Bounty experience, the deposits of the skins into the player’s account are very easy and do not allow any indications that the casino is working dubiously or that fraud has to be feared. The deposits are made by clicking on “Deposit”, which can be found in the upper area of ​​the website. Then your own skins are selected, for which the casino then makes a bid. If this is accepted, the skins are transferred to the casino’s portfolio and the player receives his coins in exchange. The transactions are always processed immediately, so that there is no waiting time for a deposit.

Security and regulation: playing with a clear conscience

As already mentioned, an official license from a regulatory authority is not required to distribute the offer. However, the games in the portfolio are all proven to be fair, so that decisions about winners and losers are always made by chance. If a player does not agree with the decision, he can of course question it and review it after a game round. So you can clearly see which players won why. A lot more transparency and security can therefore not be offered in a CS: GO casino, so that a CS: GO fraud is completely unlikely. This is also likely to be signed by the numerous customers, who can also only share positive experiences with the offer on request in chat. In short: there is no doubt that CS: GO Bounty works seriously and customer-friendly.

Support and customer service: permanently available via email

If you want to use the casino’s customer support, you can do so around the clock free of charge. However, it is important to note that the conversation with the employees can only be carried out by email. Answering such inquiries also entails a certain waiting time, which has to be accepted for better or worse. Also important: consultations are only conducted in English.

Ease of use: Clear praise in the test

The casino definitely deserves a little praise in terms of usability and design in our CSGO Bounty Test. The website is up to date and is clearly one of the better ones in the field of CS: GO casinos. In addition, the menu structure can be seen quickly, since no unnecessary sub-menus are used. So if you want to go to certain areas, you can reach them from the lobby with just one click. The buttons required for this can be found in a space-saving manner in a bar at the top of the picture.

Conclusion: there is a lot to see here

Anyone who brings almost 1,000 players permanently and consistently to their platform must have done something right somewhere. In the case of CS:GO Bounty, the test report even shows several interesting aspects. The portfolio is relatively colorful and offers not only classic games like roulette, but also new games like crash. In addition, it is extremely entertaining to be able to chat with the other players during the game rounds. Transactions are handled reliably and security concerns need not be raised.


  • Is GSGOBounty operate right now?

    Now GSGOBounty not working, but we hope it’ll back soon. For now we suggest you to play on CSGOEmpire with our free code “top100list” you will het up to $1400 for free.
  • Any other alternatives for GSGOBounty?

    Yes, you can try, CSGOEmpire.
  • What happend to CSGO Bounty?

    Valve(CS:GO) is trying to ban all gambling websites, so some of them are taken down. But they can come back.

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Updated on: 09.03.2023

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