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CSGOPrime Promo Code and Review for June 2024

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CSGOPrime Free Promo Codes List:

What is CSGOPrime?

CSGOPrime is a gambling site with CSGO skins where you can play and win skins by betting on a variety of games. The site has been around for three years. Deposits made on the site are converted into coins which can then be used to bet on available games. CSGOPrime has an active social media presence and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and VK.

There are several ways to earn bonuses at CSGOPrime. The amount of bonuses you can earn increases as your level increases. When it comes to how to level up, CSGOPrime gives out XP points based on the bets you place on the site. You can level up faster by using “CSGOPrime.com” in your Steam name.

Bonuses on CSGOPrime

The bonuses on CSGO gambling sites are often too good to pass up! CSGOPrime recognizes this, which is why it offers great no deposit bonuses for new players.

  1. RainBot: One of the key things that makes CSGOPrime so unique is its own RainBot. From time to time, a common pot with thousands of points are distributed among several users. Just click on the “Collect” button in the chat, when a rainbot appears, to collect part of the pot for free.
  2. This displays for about a minute, and once you click on it before it disappears, you will receive your share of the pot. Thanks, CSGOPrime! This function can take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes, so keep an eye out!
  3. Site Promotion: By placing CSGOPrime.com in your Steam username, you can receive great bonuses and prizes! These include 2x the daily bonuses and 50% more on the RainBot feature. You will also receive double the XP which will allow you to level up and collect free chests. The higher your level, the better the bonuses and rewards of CSGOPrime. It can also increase your future deposits by an additional 2%!
  4. Crashpot: After each round of Crash played, an amount of the profits made by the site will be placed in a jackpot which each player who plays Crash will have a chance to win. Each player has a percentage chance of winning and once the jackpot is won the coins will be distributed among the other players.
  5. Roulette Bonus: Between 1 and 100 roulette spins, the roulette bonus feature will activate. All payments will then be doubled! This is a great reward for CSGO roulette players who like to bet. Few CSGO betting sites offer such bonuses, which makes CSGOPrime one of the best CSGO gambling sites. But it’s not just that, we tell you more in this CSGOPrime review.

Is CSGOPrime a Scam?

As with many CSGO skin betting sites, people want to know if CSGOPrime is legal. CSGOPrime has been in business for over 3 years and has thousands of regular users. They also operate under a license from Curacao. CSGOPrime’s games are clearly fair, so anyone can easily check the results of the games to ensure their fairness.

The site has a page titled “Provably Fair” that walks you through the process so you can verify the results yourself. CSGOPrime is without a doubt a legitimate site that gamers don’t have to worry about.

Payment method on CSGOPrime

Players can deposit and withdraw to their CSGOPrime account using CSGO skins, Dota2 skins, Team Fortress 2 skins, and Rust skins. Skins are accepted as long as they can be redeemed using your Steam link.

You can also deposit in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

But that’s not all, you can deposit money with your credit cards, paypal (quite rare in casinos) or paysafecard.
Withdrawals can be made in skins using the same method used for deposit. You can also withdraw in cryptocurrency. Skin prices are determined based on SteamAnalyst API price averages.

Games available on CSGOPrime

There are currently 5 different games on CSGOPrime. Most of them will be familiar to those who have visited other CSGO gambling sites. These games are:


Crash is a popular game on many online betting sites. In Crash, a line representing a multiplier begins to rise horizontally, which increases the multiplier. The object of the game is for players to click “cash out” when the multiplier is at its highest point. However, if you wait too long, the line collapses and goes back to 0. Winning bets are paid based on the player’s stake multiplied by the multiplier at the time of cashing out. The game crash has a progressive jackpot. On each spin, a certain percentage of the bets placed are paid into a pot. When the jackpot is won, it is shared among all the players who made winning bets during the round.


In jackpot games, players deposit skins into a pot in exchange for tickets. The number of tickets a player receives depends on the value of the skin, with more tickets provided for more expensive skins. A single ticket is drawn and the player holding it wins all the skins in the pot.


CSGOPrime Roulette is a modified version of traditional roulette. There is a wheel with 15 boxes numbered 0-15. Box 0 is green, half of the remaining boxes are red, and the other half are black. Players can bet on red, black or green. Winning bets on black and red pay x2 while a winning bet on green pays x14. CSGOPrime’s roulette game also has a progressive jackpot which works similarly to Crash’s. However, only 80% of the total jackpot is distributed among the winners. The remaining 20% ​​is shared between the losers.


In HiLo, players bet on whether the next card to be shown will be higher or lower than the previous card. They can also bet on the suit of the next card to be displayed.

Trade Up

Trade Up is a game that you don’t see on a lot of websites. Players exchange or bet a certain amount of coins for the skin of their choice in the CSGOPrime Marketplace. The odds of a player winning the bet are calculated based on the price of the skin chosen by the player and the amount wagered. The more expensive skins are harder to earn.

Recently, the site added a Slot Machine section, to be as close as possible to a classic online casino. You will find hundreds of slot machines from the biggest providers, but also live casino and blackjack.

The advantages of CSGOPrime

CSGOPrime has several strengths that we like. Here are some of the good things about CSGOPrime:

  1. They accept several types of skins as well as cryptocurrencies.
  2. You can play slot machines. Not all betting sites that accept skins offer games
  3. There are several ways to earn bonuses at CSGOPrime. They offer a welcome bonus, daily bonuses and different promotions if you follow them on social media.
  4. Deposits and withdrawals are made quickly.

The disadvantages of CSGOPrime

There are some things about CSGOPrime that could be better. Here are some of the areas that need improvement:

  1. Customer support can only be reached by email. It’s okay, but 24/7 live customer support would be best.
  2. Remove the requirements. To be able to withdraw, you must have made a deposit of 1000 coins and have wagered at least 200% of what you
  3. deposited. This amount is not excessively high, but is still higher than what is required on many skin betting sites.


The ability to transact using csgo skins or more traditional payment methods is definitely a plus. They also have an amazing game selection for this type of site and offer lots of bonuses. We find CSGOPrime to be a CSGO gambling site worth visiting, plus you can play slots unlike the competition.


  • How to get a free safe?

    Thanks to the code promo code you get a free safe (no deposit) that can earn you between 10 cents and 50$.
  • What games are available on CSGOPrime?

    CSGOPrime offers a wide variety of games. We find in particular the crash, the roulette or the Hilo. But there is also a slot machine and live casino part and a part on sports betting and esports.
  • How to deposit and withdraw on CSGOPrime?

    You can deposit money via skins (csgo, dota2 ...) but also by credit card, paypal, paysafecard or cryptocurrency. Withdrawals are made by skins or cryptocurrencies.

Author: CSGOTotem Author

Updated on: 11.01.2024

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