Knifex Promo Code: Use Code “HELLA” & Get 5 Free Case Keys

If you are looking for the ultimate list of Knifex codes, but do not know how to get started, then you should not miss out on this piece. In our review, you will find worthy promo codes Knifex that are going to set you up for success.


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Promo Code HELLA
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Popular Knifex Bonus Codes For June 2024

As promised, here is the list of Knifex bonus codes that are legit and valid.

  • Code HELLA

    Use this promo code after signing up, and get your hands on 5 free case keys that you can use without having to make a deposit.

How to Use Knifex Promo Codes?
  1. Head over to the official website and in the top right corner, look for the “Enter” button.

  2. Click on the mentioned button and choose one of the appropriate sign up methods, that being either a Steam profile or a Telegram account.

  3. Now that the account is ready to go, look for the “Gifts” tab located in the top left corner of the website. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a new page with all sorts of bonuses and promotions.

    Knifex gifts tab
  4. To use a Knifex referral code, type in the code “HELLA” in the “Promo Codes'' section. Lastly, click on the “Apply code” and tick the “I’m not a robot” box. Congratulations, you have successfully claimed a promo code Knifex that rewards you with 5 free keys that are used for opening cases.

🔥 Knifex.comSign Up!
➡️ Promo code for Knifex.comHELLA
🤑 Bonus5 free Case Keys
💹 Trustpilot RatingExcellent – 3.9 (Reviews 100)
🕹️ UpdatedJune 2024

What Are Knifex Bonus Codes?

Usually, when online gambling platforms want to entice newcomers to join their website, they will try to lure them in with massive deposit bonuses, increased rakeback, and similar offers. However, not a lot of them are providing players with a fighting chance by giving something out for free.

This is not the case with this operator as referral codes Knifex are offering 5 keys that can be used to open cases for free. Do not get us wrong, you are not going to get rich by using the mentioned promo code, but you can start your gambling venture on the right foot.

Alongside using a Knifex bonus code, various other promotions can be used on the website and they do not require any additional codes to be used. For example, just by opening free cases you received through the welcome offer package, players are increasing their on-site level which will allow them to unlock more valuable cases that can be opened for free every day.

Main Benefits of Using Knifex Referral Codes

Now that you learned the ins and outs regarding the usage of Knifex code, how they work, and what they provide you with, let’s talk in detail regarding the most important benefits such offers are bringing to the table. Here is what to keep an eye out for.

1. Chance to get started for free:

As you can probably figure out yourself, this is indeed a Knifex no deposit bonus which means that you are getting something just by signing up and using the code “HELLA”. There are no additional actions required to trigger the bonus.

2. No need to make a deposit:

We already touched base on the fact that Knifex offers a no deposit offer for new players. This means that you do not have to top up your account to claim such an offer.

3. Participate in a wide range of games:

After using up all of the free keys, players can afterward use the funds obtained from those cases to participate in a variety of games including the most popular Originals like:

  • Crash
  • Dice
  • Wheel
  • betting on esports matches

4. Easiness of use:

Another important benefit revolves around how easy it is to use a free code Knifex. As you can see it in our step-by-step guides, all it takes is a couple of clicks and a valid code to get started.
Knifex game website

Are Knifex Referral Codes Legit?

To find out if referral codes Knifex are indeed legit, we need to take a closer look at things from a different perspective. To begin with, we need to find out if the website itself is legit and not a scam, so let’s begin. First and foremost, Knifex holds a Curacao gambling license which means that they have to abide by a strict set of rules.

On top of that, a provably fair system has been put in place which assures all players on the website that the games they are playing are fair. This can also be verified in the “Fair Game” tab and by choosing the game that you want to closely inspect and verify.

To provide an objective report about Knifex codes being legit, we also took things one step further by looking into what existing customers have to say about this website. According to a popular third-party independent review site, Trustpilot, holds a 3,9/5 rating which is deemed great.

All in all, from the information we have just provided, the conclusion is simple. Both Knifex and referral codes on this online gambling platform are legit and can be trusted.

Knifex refferal program

Final Thoughts About Knifex Promo Codes

In this piece, we made it our mission to provide as many details about Knifex promo codes as possible. Alongside providing an ultimate list of codes that you can use to your advantage, we have also gone over the necessary steps required to activate a code.

We also included the most important advantages of such codes and what exactly they are bringing to the table. With all of that being said, head over to, sign up for an account, use the code “HELLA” and enjoy 5 free keys to open cases with!


  • Is safe?

    Yes, is a safe website to use. Alongside putting in place a stable HTTPS protocol, this site also uses SSL encryption to keep your personal and banking information as safe as possible. To further prove the safety of this website, we should mention the fact that Knifex serves thousands of customers on a monthly basis.
  • How do I get a free bonus on the Knifex website?

    Getting a free bonus on the Knifex website has never been easier. After signing up for an account, head over to the “Gifts” section, and in the “Promo codes” tab, type in the code “HELLA”. This will allow you to claim 5 free keys that can be used to open cases.
  • Where can I find valid promo codes for Knifex?

    Valid promo codes for Knifex can be found in a variety of places. To begin with, we would suggest giving Knifex a follow across social media channels, especially Telegram as there is a realistic chance of finding exclusive codes for yourself. On top of that, we at also offer a valid Knifex promo code.
  • How does the referral program work?

    The Knifex referral program has a simple principle that rewards existing players who attract new players to join the website. By using a provided referral link or Knifex promo code, referrers are entitled to 1% of everything their referrals deposit. Be aware of the fact that there are several referral levels that can increase the percentage and make you much more money. Those levels are based on the total amount of deposits made by your referrals.

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